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Xiamen population reaches 3.73 million, 1.96 million reside on Xiamen Island

The population density ratio between Xiamen Island and the mainland districts has now reached 11:1. Over 1.959 million people reside on Xiamen Island (Siming District and Huli District) The permanent resident population in Xiamen reached 3.73 million in 2013, according to the Xiamen Statistics Bureau. Data released showed that the population density in Xiamen was 2,371 per km2 last year, an increase of 38 compared to 2012. The population density on Xiamen Island was 13,885 per km2, while the population density average was 1,237 per km2 in its mainland districts. Acco... Read More

Some airlines in China rumored to offer sexy 'squat service'

Sexy 'squat service' A series of photos showing that airline stewardesses squat on their heels when offering service has triggered online debate, Yangcheng Evening News reported on Saturday. The sexy hostess in the photos exposes her legs under her skirt while squatting. The so-called "squat service" first appeared on some Asian airlines. The posture helps passengers seated to look at the hostess horizontally, which aims at giving full respect to passengers. Some airlines in China are rumored to be thinking of adopting the squat serv... Read More

Changsha pub singer executed for chocking 6 gay lovers to death in S&M game

A man was executed last month in Changsha, capital of Hunan Province, after being found guilty of killing his male lovers during sadomasochistic sex sessions. S&M killer executed for choking gay lovers Zhou Youping, 42, who worked as a pub singer, embarked on a killing spree in 2009 after advertising online for men to be his “sex slaves,” Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reported yesterday. Zhou said he was looking for men aged 23 to 40 who were prepared to engage in erotic asphyxiation — a sexual act involving cutting off the supply of oxyg... Read More

46 dead, 130 rescued after shopping mall and guesthouse collapse in Nigeria

Rescue workers search for survivors in the rubble of a collapsed building belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria. Rescue workers have recovered 46 bodies and rescued 130 survivors from a collapsed shopping mall and guesthouse at the campus of renowned Nigerian preacher T.B. Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations, the West African nation's emergency agency said Monday. Joshua's church published a video purporting to show a plane flying low over the building four times before the structure collapsed on Friday. He told a church service Sunday th... Read More

US man held for trying to swim to N Korea to 'meet Kim Jong-un'

Attempts to cross the river into North Korea are rare and very dangerous South Korean authorities say they have detained an American man they believe was trying to swim to North Korea. Guards arrested the man, in his late 20s or early 30s, on Tuesday at a river border near the demilitarised zone. Border patrol troops found the American lying on the southern shore of the Han River, a government source told South Korea's Yonhap news agency. Yonhap said he told investigators he wanted to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The arrest comes day... Read More

British man a possible suspect of Thailand murders: police

The bodies of David Miller and Hannah Witheridge were found on Monday Police investigating the murders of two Britons in Thailand have said they may have been wrong to rule out Western suspects, including a British man. Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, 24, were found dead on a beach on the island of Koh Tao on Monday. On Tuesday, police said they were focussing on the Burmese migrant worker community, including a man of "Asian appearance" pictured on CCTV. But now they say new evidence has shifted the focus of the investigation. &nb... Read More

Meet Sally Brouwer, super fit mom who lost 17kg post-pregnancy

She's a mother of three who has proved that being busy is no excuse for getting fit. Sally Brouwer, of Brisbane, transformed her post-pregnancy body after shedding 17kg by making time to exercise an hour each day - most of which she was able to do in the comfort of her own home. And she isn't shy about her achievements. So much so, she's posted various comparison photos of her pregnant self and her transformation which has caused a stir on social media. Sally Brouwer, a mother of three from Brisbane, before she gave birth (left) and post-pregnancy (rig... Read More

Two foreigners learn Minnan dialect in Xiamen in video

Minnan dialect, which is widely spoken in southern part of Fujian Province, ranked third among "China's Top 10 Most Difficult Dialects", according to a list released in May this year. Here is a video about two foreigners learning the Minnan dialect in Xiamen, a coastal city in Fujian province. The full list of “China’s Top 10 Most Difficult Dialects”: 1. Wenzhou dialect 2. Cantonese 3. Suzhou and Minnan dialects 4. Shanghainese 5. Shaanxi dialect 6. Changsha dialect 7. Sichuan dialect 8. Shandong dialect 9. Tianjin dialect 10. ... Read More

Facial variation in humans has evolutionary advantage: research

Humans have evolved to look physically different from each other because our eyes play such an important role in social interactions, research suggests. Most animal species use smell or sound to identify each other - but people rely primarily on sight to differentiate individuals. Many animals are visually almost indistinguishable from each other, particularly those which are active at night. ] Researchers from California compared DNA from around the world. They found genetic regions controlling facial features were more varied than those influencing other body p... Read More
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Meet Sally Brouwer, super fit mom who lost 17kg post-pregnancy
She's a mother of three who has proved that being busy is no excuse for getting fit.   Sally Brouwer, of ...Read More
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