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XMU professor lashes out at chaotic business practices near the university

A professor at Xiamen University complained that taxis and private cars operating haphazardly near the university are posing safety hazards to tourists, teachers, and students at the university. According to an investigation, there are three main types of illegal businesses operating near the university's south gate, close to the famous Nanputuo Temple. The three types of businesses include the following: 1. Taxis and private cars illegally occupying traffic lanes A line of taxis and private cars were spotted park... Read More

Children paid to act as orphans in cash scam in Hebei

An unlicensed orphanage has been closed after it recruited 20 children to act as orphans in a bid to raise funds, officials in north China's Hebei Province said yesterday. The orphanage, set up in an abandoned school, approached a company based in east China's Shandong Province early last month asking for donations, according to a report in yesterday's Yanzhao Metropolis Daily. An executive with the Shengdahuatian Group visited and promised to set up a charity foundation and donate 500,000 yuan (US$80,585), it reported. On June 25, the company held a fu... Read More

7 South Koreans, 2 Chinese killed after bus falls off a bridge in Jilin

A bus carrying South Korean tourists fell off a bridge in northeast China on Wednesday. (Photo/Weibo) A bus carrying South Korean tourists fell off a bridge in northeast China on Wednesday, killing seven South Koreans as well as their Chinese driver and guide, local government said. The accident happened about 4:00 p.m. in the city of Ji'an, Jilin Province. The bus, owned by Xinshiji Tour Agency, was heading to the city of Dandong, local government said. The remaining 19 passengers have been rescued, the government said. SOURCE: ecns.cn ... Read More

Death toll rises to 122 in Indonesia transport plane crash

The plane ploughed into the newly built residential area, causing a huge fireball The bodies were taken to the Adam Malik hospital in Medan, where relatives waited to collect them Indonesian officials say 122 people are now known to have been on board a military transport plane which crashed in a residential area of Medan. No-one is believed to have survived after the Hercules C-130 plane hit houses and a hotel before bursting into flames on Tuesday. Officials have removed 130 body bags, indicating some people on the ground also died.... Read More

McDonald’s launches all-day breakfast in Australia

McDonald’s restaurants across Wollongong and the Illawarra will now be serving their breakfast menu all-day long. (AAP) Admit it – you’ve frequently craved a sausage and egg McMuffin or a couple hash browns at 2pm. Well now you finally can. From today, McDonald’s restaurants across NSW’s Illawarra region will now be serving their breakfast menu all-day long. The Gold Coast will be next, with plans to later expand the all-day breakfast menu across the rest of the country. The Golden Arches made the announcement today at a pre... Read More

Mexican meteorologist Yanet Garcia makes weather forecast ‘must watch television’

Mexican meteorologist Yanet Garcia has been receiving a lot of attention for her ‘hot’ forecsts over the Internet recently. This weather forecast is always hot. A jaw-dropping Mexican meteorologist is becoming an Internet star after making the weather "must watch television" for many viewers. Yanet Garcia reveals more than just the temperatures as she delivers the news in an assortment of short skin tight dresses. She also posts her forecasts on the Televisa Monterrey newscasts on her very own YouTube page. Garcia, who has 47,000 Twitter follow... Read More

Going vegan is 'better than other weight-loss plans,' say scientists

Vegan dieters lost on average 2.5kg - more than 5lbs - than those on non-vegetarian weight-loss plans Cut out carbs, eat a high-protein diet and fast for two days a week. All are popular dieting plans, and all promise to help followers shed pounds. But scientists have discovered the best way to lose weight is to eliminate all animal products and follow a vegan diet. A study has shown people on vegetarian diets, and especially those on a vegan diet, see better results than those following other weight-loss plans. Those who eliminated all meat and... Read More

47.3% of graduates of Jimei University choose to work in Xiamen

A total of 6,735 students graduated from Jimei University this year. Of those, 395 are postgraduates. Most of the graduates chose to work instead of receiving further education. According to the university, 182 job fairs were held this year, with 36,020 job vacancies on offer. The employment rate of students graduating from the university's dominant majors, including navigation technology, marine engineering and machine manufacturing reached more than 70 percent. Of all contracted graduates, 47.3 percent chos... Read More
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Going vegan is 'better than other weight-loss plans,' say scientists
Vegan dieters lost on average 2.5kg - more than 5lbs - than those on non-vegetarian weight-loss ...Read More
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