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Xiamen awarded title as a Famous Conference and Exhibition City

The Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center was awarded the title of “Iconic Exhibition Venue for China’s Exhibitions in 2014”. According to Xiamen’s Conference and Exhibition Asscociation, Xiamen recently won another prestigious title as a ‘Famous Conference and Exhibition City’ at the 10th China International Events Festival, together with other Chinese cities such as Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Haikou. Meanwhile, the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center was awarded the title of... Read More

Man hits female bus driver 10 times over road rage in Wuhan

The driver of a Porsche Cayenne began throwing punches at a female bus driver after the two got into an argument on a street in Wuchang, Wuhan on August 23. The conflict turned violent when the Cayenne driver took out a bowl of dumplings and threw them at the woman through the window, prompting her to leave the bus and confront him. The whole ordeal was caught on CCTV cameras. A witness on board, surnamed Huang, said that the Cayenne and the No. 554 bus were driving in opposite directions on Gongping Road. The road was full of cars, leaving only a single lane available to pass... Read More

Shandong man who kidnaps & sexually abuses college girl arrested

man arrested for kidnapping, sexually abusing and beating young college girl A man has confessed to locking up a 22-year-old college student for four days, beating and raping her many times, in Jinan, Shandong province. The girl was rescued on Monday. The victim, surnamed Jin, arrived in Jinan in the afternoon of Aug 21, and planned to travel by bus to Tai’an — another city in Shandong province. When she headed to the bus station, she accepted a ride from the man on his motorcycle, Xinhua News Agency reported on Wednesday. Dai, the suspect, drov... Read More

West Africa Ebola outbreak would get worse, warns US official

A medical worker at an Ebola treatment facility run by Medicins Sans Frontieres in Kailahun, Sierra Leone, August 14, 2014 A third top doctor has died from Ebola in Sierra Leone, a government official said Wednesday, as a leading American health official warned that the outbreak sweeping West Africa would get worse. The disease has already killed more than 1,400 people in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and Doctors Without Borders warned that the tremendous influx of patients in Liberia, in particular, is overwhelming their treatment centers there. "I wish I ... Read More

French boy, 5, dies after being stung by jellyfish in Thailand's Koh Pha-ngan

This frame grab released by ABC TV on April 27, 2010 by ABC TV shows the leg of 10-year-old Australian schoolgirl Rachael Shardlow who survived being stung by the world's most venomous creature, the deadly box jellyfish. Koh Pha-ngan authorities have warned people to beware of box jellyfish after a five-year-old French boy died on Saturday after being stung while swimming at a beach of this resort island off Surat Thani province. The French boy, who was on vacation with his parents, was rushed to Koh Pha-ngan Hospital but succumbed to the venom. &nbs... Read More

Girl, 9, accidentally kills shooting range instructor in Las Vegas

Why a Gun Range Says It’s OK for Kids to Fire Uzis A 9-year-old girl vacationing with her family accidentally shot and killed an instructor at a shooting range, authorities said. The shooting happened at 10 a.m. Monday at Arizona Last Stop, a tourist spot southeast of Las Vegas. According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, the instructor – identified as Charles Vacca, 39 – was standing next to the girl, teaching her how to use an automatic Uzi. The girl’s parents stood nearby, capturing video of the experience. As the ... Read More

Eating tomatoes may lower risk of prostate cancer, research

Tomatoes are rich in the anti-oxidant lycopene Eating tomatoes may lower the risk of prostate cancer, research suggests. Men who consume more than 10 portions of tomatoes each week reduce their risk by about 20%, according to a UK study. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide, with 35,000 new cases and around 10,000 deaths in the UK every year. Cancer experts recommend eating a balanced diet which is high in fruit and vegetables and low in red and processed meat, fat and salt. The Bristol team analysed the diets and life... Read More

China's top court opens its inner workings to foreign embassy staff

China's top court opened its doors to foreigners on Wednesday, to make its judicial workings more transparent and improve communication in legal fields. Almost 20 ambassadors and officials from embassies, including those of France and India, attended the Supreme People's Court, located on Chang'an Avenue near Tian'anmen Square, to observe an intellectual property case involving a Germany company. The court's president Zhou Qiang welcomed the ambassadors and had a 50-minute conference about judicial transparency with them. It was not the first time the court has inv... Read More

Local Bubble: scientists say solar system is in a big gas bubble

solar-system-illustration Ever feel like you live in a bubble? You do. We all do. Our whole solar system appears to, say space scientists, who published work last month corroborating its existence. And, oh, what a bubble it is: About 300 light years long (about 1,764,000,000,000,000 miles), and its walls are made of hot gas.How hot? About a million degrees. It's called the "Local Bubble" or "local hot bubble" and is shaped a little like a peanut. Scientists believe it was formed by supernovas, the larg... Read More
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Eating tomatoes may lower risk of prostate cancer, research
Tomatoes are rich in the anti-oxidant lycopene   Eating tomatoes may lower the risk of prostate cancer, ...Read More
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