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Xiamen, Fuzhou to begin bus card co-share this October

Commuters between Xiamen and Fuzhou will be allowed to pay for bus fares with their own bus cards from either city starting this October, according to Xiamen Information Group. As part of the efforts to promote urban integration between Xiamen and its neighboring cities, E-Tong cards, a bus card widely used in Xiamen, have for some time been able to be used to pay for bus fares in other southern Fujianese cities including Zhangzhou, Longyan, Anxi, Jinjiang and Nan'an. Currently, Xiamen has finished its upgrade tests for the card reading machines on buses in Fuzho... Read More

Gas leak explosions in Taiwan kill at least 20 & injure 270 others

Wreckage of a damaged car is pictured after an explosion in Kaohsiung city of China's Taiwan, August 1, 2014. Gas leaks in the sewage system in the city led to multiple explosions late Thursday night. [Photo/Agencies] At least 20 people were killed and 270 others injured in gas leak explosions that hit Kaohsiung city of China's Taiwan on Thursday. The dead included several fire fighters, according to a statement by the city government. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu said that the incident was the worst of its kind in the recent decade. The island's fire-fighti... Read More

18-yr-old woman in Xinjiang electrocuted to death while charging her iPhone 4s

An 18-year-old woman in Xinjiang was killed in her sleep as she was charging her iPhone 4s, Hong-Kong news outlet Ming Pao reported, with doctors concluding that she'd suffered death from electrocution. The woman's sister said she'd smelled burning when she returned to their home on July 24, Want China Times relays. She found her sister lying dead in her bedroom with burns across her body and a broken iPhone next to her. Experts at the Korla branch of the Forensic Science Association of China confirmed that the woman had livor mortis across her neck, hands and leg,... Read More

Man shot dead after killing 2 over domestic dispute in N. C. shootout

People comfort each other after a shooting in Fayetteville, N.C., Wednesday, July 30, 2014. A domestic dispute erupted into a gun battle with deputies Wednesday at a North Carolina mobile home park, leaving three people dead and three officers wounded, officials said. An angry husband sprayed his father-in-law's house with bullets from two 30-round magazines, killing two people, after his wife ran to the home during an argument Wednesday. The man later exchanged gunfire with authorities and died of a gunshot wound after hitting several deputies and a state trooper, Cumbe... Read More

Drug - resistant malaria reaches SE Asia borders, could spread to Africa

A Thai Health official performs a blood test on children at a Malaria clinic in Kanchanaburi province near the Thai-Myanmar border on October 26, 2012 Drug-resistant malaria parasites are now firmly established in border regions in four Southeast Asian countries, imperilling global efforts to control the disease, experts warned on Wednesday. Blood samples taken from 1,241 malaria patients found that parasites which are resistant to the frontline drug artemisinin have spread to border areas in western and northern Cambodia, eastern Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, they said... Read More

Georgia girl Oceana Irizarry, 6, dies after being struck by plane on beach

This Sunday, July 27, 2014, photo provided by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office shows emergency personnel at the scene of a small plane crash in Caspersen Beach in Venice, Fla. Authorities say a father was killed and his daughter seriously injured while walking on the sand when a small plane crash landed along Florida's Gulf Coast near Venice Beach. A 9-year-old girl who was struck by a plane that crash-landed on a beach while she vacationed with her family died from her injuries, law enforcement officials said Tuesday. Oceana Irizarry's father also was killed Sunday.... Read More

Eating nuts may help to combat type 2 diabetes: research

Eating nuts may help to combat type 2 diabetes, new research suggest. Two servings of tree nuts a day appears to lower and stabilise blood sugar levels in people with the disease, according to evidence collected from 12 clinical trials. Tree nuts cover most types including walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and pecans, but exclude peanuts. Two servings of tree nuts a day appears to lower and stabilise blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes A single serving was defined as 30 grams. Nut consumption improved two key markers ... Read More

Air waveguide could be used to improve light signals: scentists

Imagine being able to run an optical fibre to any point on Earth or in space. That is what one physicist says could be possible in the future, opening up the possibility of communicating with colonies of people on Mars via a kind of broadband, for example. Professor Howard Milchberg believes that an ‘air waveguide’ could enhance light signals collected from distant sources, making long-distance communication possible as never before. Physicists at the University of Maryland have found a way to make air behave like an optical fibre, which could guide light beams o... Read More
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Eating nuts may help to combat type 2 diabetes: research
Eating nuts may help to combat type 2 diabetes, new research suggest.   Two servings of tree nuts a day ...Read More
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