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Xiamen sees room rate hikes due to upcoming National Day holiday

Though it is still one month until the annual National Day golden week holiday in China, Xiamen hotels are already experiencing a business boom with high occupancy rates and room rate hikes. According to Xiamen News, room rate hikes have already occurred at many hotels in the city, with growth rate of over 50% at many of them, and the highest growth rate hit over 200%, far higher than prices offered during the Mid-Autumn holiday and Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Miss Chen, a bride-to-be who plans a wedding reception in Xiamen during the upcoming g... Read More

Teen thieves forced to kneel down with ducks in mouths in Guangxi village

Two teenagers caught stealing ducks in a Guangxi village received physical punishment handed out by local residents, who forced the boys to kneel down with the ducks in their mouths to repent for their crime, according to Net Ease Moeny. Upon discovering what the thieves had done, a group of villagers chose not to call the cops, but to penalize the boys themselves. First, they forced the teens, both around 14 years old, to publicly apologize by kneeling down on the road with the ducks dangling from their mouths. One especially angry villager tied up the ... Read More

Guangdong self-styled cult emperor arrested for rape and fraud

The self-styled “emperor” of a cult has been detained by police in Guangdong Province THE self-styled “emperor” of a cult has been detained by police in Guangdong Province on charges of fraud and rape. As head of the Huazongfamen cult, which masqueraded as a Buddhist and charitable organization, the 47-year-old, surnamed Wu, exerted spiritual control over his many thousands of followers, New Express Daily reported yesterday. Founded in 1990, the group has between 30,000 and 40,000 followers worldwide, with links in the United States, Uni... Read More

56 injured, 6 critically, in tourist bus crash in Canada's Merritt

tourist bus 56 people were injured, 6 critically, in a tourist bus crash south of Merritt, British Columbia. 'Six people are in critical condition. They were taken to the hospital by helicopter," said a police spokesman Norm Fleming. 'Fifteen passengers have fractures, the rest - cuts and scratches. There are about 20 ambulances on site of the crash." According to eyewitnesses, the bus hit a bump stop, slid into a ditch and overturned. The reasons for the accident are yet unknown. The bus was en route to Vancouver, some 270 km from Merritt. SOURCE... Read More

Japan stockpiles toilet paper to avoid panic

PAPER PANIC: The move could revive sales of toilet paper in Japan, which have flattened since March. Japan's bureaucrats don't want the nation to be caught with its pants down the next time toilet paper supplies run short after a natural disaster. That's why the government is rolling out its latest public-awareness campaign, entitled "Let's Stockpile Toilet Paper," which involves an exhibition on the topic at the trade ministry, a summit of industry leaders and the sale of specially packaged "emergency use" toilet tissue. The campaign, conduc... Read More

Man pronounced dead found alive in a body bag at Brazil morgue

A 54-year-old Brazilian man who hospital officials deemed dead was discovered alive by relatives after spending two hours in a body bag. A man pronounced dead after suffering respiratory failure and multiple organ failure was found alive two hours later in a morgue body bag in Brazil's Salvador city, a media report said Thursday. Valdelucio Goncalves, 54, was found alive by his brother who alerted the authorities after noticing that the body inside the bag was moving, The Independent reported. Goncalves was taken back to the Menandro de Farias General Hos... Read More

Walking a mile each day 'cuts cancer death risk by half': expert

Cancer patients can cut their risk of dying by up to half - by walking just one mile a day, experts claim Cancer patients can cut their risk of dying by up to half – simply by walking just one mile a day, according to experts. A study revealed physical activity as a ‘wonder drug’, with those diagnosed with breast and prostate cancers able to cut their risk of death by up to 40 per cent. And for bowel cancer patients, doubling the walking distance was found to halve the risk of dying. The calculations are based on walking one mile at a... Read More

Oxford releases 8th edition of English-Chinese dictionary

The eighth edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary, one of the most popular English-Chinese dictionaries in China, was released in Beijing on Aug 27, the first day of the Beijing International Book Fair that will last until Aug 31. A ceremony was held to celebrate the launch of the dictionary, which also marks the 35th year of co-publishing between the Oxford University Press and The Commercial Press. "In the 1980s, when Chinese people were eager to learn English, we published the title," said Yu Dianli, president of The Commerci... Read More
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Walking a mile each day 'cuts cancer death risk by half': expert
Cancer patients can cut their risk of dying by up to half - by walking just one mile a day, experts claim ...Read More
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