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Train tickets for XiaShen HSR selling rapidly as May Day holiday nears

Tickets for bullet trains linking Xiamen and Shenzhen, a line that was just put into use last year, are selling well ahead of the May Day holiday. This is the first May Day Holiday after the opening of the Xiamen-Shenzhen High Speed Railway. Although there is still half a month left, most available tickets have been sold out as passengers have been grabbing tickets early for the upcoming holiday. According to reports, there are now no first-class, second-class or standing tickets left from Shenzhen to Xiamen and only a few tickets are still available from Xiamen to Shenzhen o... Read More

300kg mentally handicapped man in Shandong seeking life-saving help

Sun Liang, a 22-year-old, 300-kilogram mentally handicapped man in Shandong province has been suffering from diseases caused by obesity and is in urgent need of financial help from the public. (Photo source: chinanews.com) Sun Liang, the 22-year-old, 300-kilogram boy was born big and lives in a county under Liangcheng town of Rizhao city.(Photo source: chinanews.com) A 22-year-old, 300-kilogram mentally handicapped man in Shandong province has been suffering from diseases caused by obesity and is in urgent need of financial help from the public, the Peninsula Metropolit... Read More

Visitor spotted touring Nanjing Museum while on IV drip

Nanjing Museum is seeking an out-of-town visitor who was shown in a photo carrying his IV bottle while touring the various displays, Jiangsu-based Modern Express reported. The photo, captured by a museum guide, went viral online. It showed a man accompanied by two women from the back walking into the museum. His IV bottle is seen fixed on a stick on his left shoulder. The museum posted the photo on its Weibo microblog and dubbed him the "most beautiful visitor," the report said. "We would like to welcome him for a return visit after he recovers,&... Read More

Passenger ship with 471 on board sinking off South Korean coast

Helicopters and rescue ships have been sent to the area A ferry with about 471 people on board is sinking off the south-west coast of South Korea, coastguard officials say. Most of the passengers are secondary school students on their way from Incheon to the southern resort island of Jeju, officials added. Coastguard and naval vessels and helicopters have gone to the scene. Many passengers have already been lifted off and TV reports say remaining passengers have been told to jump into the sea to await rescue. Images from the scene show the ferry listing ... Read More

South Korean man addicted to online games arrested for starving son to death

Notorious ... online game addiction is seen as a serious problem in South Korea. Source: AP A SOUTH Korean man has been arrested for allegedly allowing his infant son to starve to death while spending days playing online games at internet cafes. The 22-year-old man surnamed Chung was arrested on Monday after the badly decomposed body of the two-year-old was found in a rubbish bag near the southeastern city of Daegu, city police said. The case received extensive media coverage in South Korea, where the ruling conservative party is pushing a bill that would classi... Read More

Pic of children acting out crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Brazilian school sparks outrage

Crucifixion: This image of small children at a Brazilian school reenacting Jesus Christ on the cross on Calvary has caused controversy online An image of children play-acting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at an unidentified school in Brazil for Holy Week complete with fake wounds and a crown of thorns has spread across the Internet. Wearing a loin cloth and a fake painted beard, the boy who acts as Jesus holds his two arms above his neck, to signify the last agonizing hours of Christ on the cross. Flecked across his body are red marks from his flogging at the ... Read More

Food phobia Brit woman eats nothing but chips for 15 years

Fries fanatic Hanna Little, 20, developed a severe eating disorder at the age of five and became terrified of all other foods A woman who lived on a diet of chips since the age of five has finally eaten a proper meal after being HYPNOTISED to overcome her fear of other foods. Hanna Little, 20, has had chips every day for 15 years after developing an eating disorder which made her feel sick if she tried to eat any other food. It was only when Hanna kept passing out because of her limited diet after starting a job as a factory worker that she decided to take action. ... Read More

Teenagers of Chinese origin in the Philippines study at MNNU

On March 31st, a teenage education group of foreign citizens of Chinese origin in the Philippines, 37 students in total, arrived at Minnan Normal University. The eventwas sponsored and organized by Philippine Airlines chairman Chen Yongzai. They will stay in Minnan Normal University to study Chinese for two months. At four o 'clock in the afternoon, the students had a class meeting, testing their Chinese with the students being divided into two classes in Room 205 of Yifu Building. At half past six in the evening, the vice principal of the school, Li Shunxing,... Read More

First pic claiming to be front panel of iPhone 6 leaked online

A picture claiming to be an iPhone 6 front panel has been posted on Weibo, showing a larger handset with a 4.7inch screen. A picture claiming to show the front panels of Apple's upcoming iPhone 6 has leaked online. It reveals a much-rumoured larger 4.7inch screen. Apple is also believed to be developing a 5.5inch screen version, with both expected to be unveiled in September and go on sale soon after. According to iphone.fr, which first spotted the images, the dimensions of the screen lend credibility to the image. ... Read More
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Food phobia Brit woman eats nothing but chips for 15 years
Fries fanatic Hanna Little, 20, developed a severe eating disorder at the age of five and became terrified of all other ...Read More
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