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About What's On Xiamen...

The Beginning

Who knew that a bunch of women meeting at The Coffee Club in late 2003 would end up like this What's On Xiamen began as an idea, an effort to help the linguistically-challenged laowai (here I mean non-Chinese nationals who do not speak or read Mandarin, don't set the PC police on me) get the best experience out of their stay in Xiamen.

A small website launch, 12-page magazine, and drunken launch party at an obliging tea house later, What's On Xiamen shot into obscure infamy. That's a long story and deserves an editorial in itself, but I am not interested in opening old battle scars. So it'll have to become the stuff of urban legend. Suffice to say one blonde and two brunettes had a very unusual time and learned one heck of a lot about publishing in China.

The Struggle

So, what's What's On Xiamen today? It is an online resource of tourist and general intelligence about this coastal city - get all the information you need here. There is an extremely strong and varied team, deeply involved in the industries that are a part of Xiamen's continued development.

Continual Support

Since I'm quite literally a world away, I'm going to be checking in now and again, so it really is up to the community in Xiamen to show support for the tireless What's On Xiamen crew (there never used to be a crew!) and give them lots of information and feedback. With the help of the community, What's On Xiamen can continue to shine.

From Andrea See
The What's On Xiamen Legend and Editor at Large

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