WOX Discounters
WOX Discounters are those accredited merchants who provide special offers to WOX Buddy Card holders. WOX Card holders can enjoy special benefits at many local businesses. The businesses include Restaurants & Cafes, Bakeries, Hotels, Bars & Clubs, Beauty & Spa Treatment centres, Dentists, Fashion, Sports & Fitness centres, and many more. WOX ... more


  • Rate: get 20% off
  • Phone: 17750581541
  • Address: Villa #277, Huataiyuan, Haitian Road, Huli District, Xiamen (opposite to the main gate of Huli Park)
  • 地址: 湖里区海天路华泰苑277号别墅(湖里公园正门对面)靠近湖里公园公交站/湖里中心小学公交站
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Bistro 21 Casual Italian 随意小厨

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 15259296187
  • Address: 21 Binhu East Road, Haicang
  • 地址: 海沧区滨湖东路21号中骏海岸1号滨湖东路1楼小区
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Yingji Korean Cuisine 英姬的泡菜缸

  • Rate: get 5% off
  • Phone: 0592-5707077
  • Address: 1st floor Wanghai Building, No.1 Wanghai Road, Xiamen Software Park II (near Xiamen Baixiang Software Park Hotel)
  • 地址: 软件园二期西门望海路1号 佰翔家望海公寓一楼(佰翔酒店旁)
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Buon Appetito Café (GEO GEO) 意欢乐咖啡厅

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0592-5323111
  • Address: No.3-1 Yundang Road,Siming District, Xiamen
  • 地址: 厦门市思明区筼筜湖路三号之一
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Xiamen Tastylife Supermarket (Xinlongcheng Branch) 厦门乐味超市 (信隆城店)

  • Rate: get 5% off
  • Phone: 0592-2231080
  • Address: 16# 109, Xidi Nanli, Siming District (next to Porsche Centre Xiamen Lujiang)
  • 地址: 思明区西堤南里16-109店面(信隆城保时捷车行旁)
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Xiamen Tastylife Supermarket (Binbei Branch) 厦门乐味超市 (滨北店)

  • Rate: get 5% off
  • Phone: 0592-5119190
  • Address: shop 105, Guomeng Buliding, No.10, Jiangye Road, Siming District, Xiamen
  • 地址: 厦门市思明区建业路10号国盟大厦105(马可孛罗酒店旁)
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La Bettola Italian Restaurant La Bettola意大利餐厅

  • Rate: get 10% off
  • Phone: 0592-2235093
  • Address: No.1 Hubin West Road, 107-108 Xiaoxue Road, Bank Center
  • 地址: 湖滨西路1号小学路银行中心实楼107-108店面
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Tai Zhi Jia ( Baihe Road Store) 泰之家(白鹤路店)

  • Rate: get 12% off
  • Phone: 0529-2051583
  • Address: #4-8, Baihe Road,near Zhongshan Park
  • 地址: 白鹤路4-8别墅,近中山公园
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CBD Café CBD咖啡馆

  • Rate: get 5% off
  • Phone: 0592-5151128
  • Address: Jianye Bulding, No.28 Hubin Bei Road, Xiamen
  • 地址: 厦门市湖滨北路28号建业大厦之二附楼
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The house 1 老别墅西餐厅1

  • Rate: A welcome drink
  • Phone: 0592-2044358
  • Address: No.10 Bai He Road
  • 地址: 白鹤路10号
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WOX Buddy Card

WOX Buddy Card is valid until 2016. The card can enjoy lots of benefits with its big and increasing discount network.

WOX Buddy Card can be used at WOX events, it can also be used to obtain discounts from WOX accredited merchants.

About the Charges

i) WOX member can use 400 member points to buy a WOX card

ii) WOX member can also pay rmb50 to get a WOX Card


i) Wechat account: WOXCEO

ii) Bank transfer:
> Payee:/收款人:
> Bank/开户行:
建行厦门税保支行/China Construction Bank
> Account/帐号:
4367 4219 3523 0033 414

Contact us

  • WOX Team: