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General rules:

  • - 10 teams invited by Xiamen International FC
  • - 1 goal keeper and 6 field players
  • - Team shall be made of 8 to 12 players
  • - 2x12 minutes by games
  • - Group stages, semi finals, ranking games (position 3 to 10), final



  • - Top 2 teams from each group advance to semi-finals,Others teams will have a ranking game
  • - 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw
  • - Head-to-Head results to determine the ranking if equal from the points. If the game was a draw, then general goal average define the ranking.
  • - If a team is late for more than 5 minutes compared to original schedule, game is lost for this team (and a 'Ghost team' will play instead)
  • Ghost team
    • If a team is missing (or late for 5 minutes), then all others teams have to supply 1 player to create a "ghost team". The purpose is to give playing time to every team and players
    • "Ghost players" can still play for their original team.
    • The player allocated to "ghost team" can be different from one game to another
    • If a team, for any reason, is not providing a ghost player, then 2 points will be deducted from that team.
    • Ghost team can not score points
  • - No field player can be borrowed / exchanged between teams since the player already played for 1 team
  • - Goal Keeper can be shared between teams
  • - Unlimited number of substitutions can be made during the game
  • - Each team should bring 2 sets of uniform clothes.

Gameplay / referee

  • - No offside
  • - 1 central referee, no line referee, 1 assistant around the field (score, scorer, booking, time, substitution management)
  • - Free kick: all free kick are indirect, whatever position / reason. Wall to stay at 6 meters from ball
  • - Throw in made by foot, ball lying on the line no more than 5 seconds. Opponents have to stay 1 meter from ball and not moving.
  • - No goal directly on throw in.
  • Goal keeper:
    • Goalie can not take ball in hand on a pass from teamate.
    • Goalie can use foot and hand for kick but cannot cross middle line without another team mate touching the ball. If so, indirect free kick for opponent.
  • Booking:
    • Yellow penalty card: 1st card is 2 minutes outisde, team playing with 1 player less. 2nd yellow means out of the current game (team plays with one less player) and ban for next game
    • Red card means out of the current game (team plays with one less player), and ban for next game

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About "Amoy Cup"

Prize & Trophy

  • - Winner: Amoy Cup 2012 (for team), tea box (for players)
  • - 2nd and 3rd winners: trophies

Date & Place

  • - Venue: GuLangYu People's Stadium (natural grass)
  • - Date: 23rd June 2012 (Saturday)
  • - Hours: from 9.00am to 5:00 pm


  • - Registration fee is 1200 RMB by team, to be paid before 23rd May
  • - Registration form is available by email at
  • - Completed form (team name, contact phone, players name, players numbers, color of clothes) and registration fee should be handed over to organizer before 23rd May

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About Xiamen International Soccer Team

Founded in 2007, the Xiamen International Soccer Team has gathered both amateur and professional soccer players from different countries of the world. In the past few years, the players' common enthusiasm for soccer has been boosting the fast growth of the team. >>read more

Amoy Cup 2012 Football Tournament Schedule

Football tournament venue: GuLangYu People's Stadium

Date & timeļ¼š23rd June 2012

Exclusive News Media Party --- Private

Date: Friday, 25th May. 2012

Venue: Swiss International Hotel Xiamen

Amoy Cup 2012 Reception----Seaview Resort

Date Saturday, 9th June. 2012

Venue: Xiamen Seaview Resort

Post Amoy Cup 2012 Open Party

Date: 23rd June 2012

Venue: LOMO Club