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Topic: Author:
Fr. China
Topic: DRUGS in xiada and in surroundings
please guide where to complaint about one foriegner who is selling drugs in xiamen and spoiling innocent students.
i dont want to go to police station to avoid any troubles in future. i just want to complaint on internet so that they will take action . i have all the information of that foriegner, so its easy to find.

please advise urgently.

14 Feb 2009
Fr. China
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Hi heyhey,

Good justice, three ways:

1. Cyber police to report a case: but
you probably don't know Chinese.

2. Send text message to 13806061237 (English ok, this is not me), of
course, you may buy a brand new phone chip to do so.

3. Or just write a prompt letter and mail to the police station without
put your address on.

God safe those innocent students the same as the foreigner. Thank you
for your justice spirit.

14 Feb 2009

Fr. United Kingdom
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How about sending an anonymous letter to
the campus security people? Or talking
to one of the professors and letting
them deal with it.
15 Feb 2009

Fr. Afghanistan
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Dear HeyHey,

From your name itself it sounds like you are just looking
for attention. You also sound young and stupid. You also
sound Chinese. If you had any sense you would already know
what to do about the situation, not write about it here. You
are a loser, and writing this stuff on WOX makes you look
like an idiot.

16 Feb 2009

Fr. China
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you are from terrorist country afganistan and living in china
how dare you talk to chinese like this bad words
if anytime you are caught then you will be in big trouble.
or are you in the gang of drugs people ?
i think i will start to find you and complaint about you also , here in
xiamen its easy to find anyone ,remember this and careful in future
16 Feb 2009

Fr. Germany
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Mind your own business and let the police do it's work.

Stop Snitching!
17 Feb 2009

Fr. Afghanistan
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My wife is Afghani, university educated. I find your opinion intolerably
offensive. You chastize someone at the sametime showing your own true
shallow immature colours. Perhaps instead of venting all your insecure
anger out at others you may try to look inward at your own cowardice or
maybe that is painful to see what you may see.
17 Feb 2009

Fr. China
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heyhey! You started up with a caring attitude (at least you show care to
the young students at Xiada, giving the benefit of the doubt as some may
think you are really attention seeking.). WELL! how could it end up so
bad, upsetting the whole population of a nation.

By the way, have you done the good deed of reporting to the cops? Just
call 110 and ask to speak to the branch at Xiada. 110 can organize phone
reception and reporting in English

Coming back to the 'terrorist country afganistan' remark. It is bad. We
are sure many of your country people are nice, so are the Afghani or
any other nationals. Being racist in this globalized world is a bad
attitude you can't afford to have, especially in this WOX community. Do
you know WOX has registered members from 104 countries.

Having said all these, we are sure you didn't really mean what you said.
We are all intelligent people and we respect people around us for the
value they have, especially culture from different country.

Aquaman! your provocation is not really called for. Do you have a problem
with the Chinese?

Be nice! and be respectful to the people around you regardless of skin

Remember! no drugs in China. The 3 opium wars are still very vivid. China
sentence notorious drug pusher to die. Do you know China has a very
powerful super computer which is the world best? The computer is installed
during the Beijing Olympics.
17 Feb 2009

Fr. China
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Dear Wox Team
You misunderstand me maybe , i am a chinese person and a teacher in
xiada and as a true chinese i can not accept to see people selling drugs
and some other people favors them like aquaman and say bad words.
foreigners are our guests but they have no right to harm our people and
abuse us. And i have already reported to police.Wox is a media to awake
people and its like a news , its not a place to make nuisance. As a true
person to my nation i am doing and i will do what i should do. Thanks for
all support from WOX.
18 Feb 2009

Fr. Afghanistan
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The fact you say you are a teacher in Xiada is even more of a
dissappointment with your attitude. Yes we foreigners are guests in your
country but must we be judged as terrorists because of someones
Where does Aquaman say they favor drugs? How do you dream up this
For a teacher with this kind of spoken words, let alone even thoughts is
shocking. We can only hope your employers find out who you are and
take responsible action. You should never be in a figure head position of
leading and teaching. I take pity in your students who take pride in their
education only to be led by this ignorance. God willing you do not raise
children with your wrath and cowardice.
Shame on you!
18 Feb 2009

Fr. China
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aquaman put a mask of insulted
stop you people
19 Feb 2009

Fr. China
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Thanks heyhey!

For being courageous and truthful with your ID and position.

WOX agrees with you whole heartedly.

The Chinese people in China have the right to choose who or which
nationals to let into China. And this is the common practices with most of
the countries in the world. And the foreigners are guests of the country
and they should comply to the Laws of China or they face the consequences.

No country in the world would like other nationals to profit illegally in
their own country, especially illicit drugs which can decay the root,
health and the basic moral fabric of their country. And no nationals in
the world would like their guests to belittle or abuse them while they are
remained in the country.

Being a teacher, we couldn't blame you for being so upset with the
innocent young university students being lured into drugs and crimes.

As a Xiamen's Expats and English website, WOX would like to apologize
on behalf of its certain expat member or members for having rude and
rediculed behaviours.
19 Feb 2009

Fr. India
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hello dear buddy

u r too amazing

love it
26 Jul 2009

Fr. Isle of Man
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Wow, what an awful posting. I hate reading trash like this. It's full of
Chinese Nationlistic Pride, Xenophobia (the fear and hate of foreign),
Immaturity and just overall negativity. It's a shame this will be portrayed to
the world on the internet. This post should be deleted....
28 Jul 2009

Fr. India
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dear buddy

dont read ugly replies , these are the people who dont have any care for
there nation and there pride , and they dont care people addictive to
drugs, in fact every people of there country are proud of his country and
no one can use bad words to the people of other country , you are a true
man and lovable for the step you had taken, forgive this robertmorrison
and continue your faith in your country and do what you should do to
protect your country man.
28 Jul 2009

Fr. India
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people like you are not allowed to enter this zone

keep far and choose only what you like

nobody insist you to read anything what you dont like
understand ?
28 Jul 2009

Fr. Canada
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@Carlito hahaha at
"Mind your own business and let the police do it's work.

Stop Snitching!"
I had to skit the rest of the thread and give props for best answer ever ahhahahha

As I'm sure this thread got messy, to whatever side you personally hold, a person's body is their own. Whether someone wants to do drugs (don't forget tobacco and booze are drugs too, alcohol being highly addictive and one of the leading causes of physical abuses), is their choice and responsibility. If they wanna be a coked up CEO on wall street or a cracked out hobo, it's not for me (nor you really) to judge. Last I checked slavery (owning people), was illegal, so what they do with their property is up to them.

That being said, if they become abusive or violent to others (drug induced, mental issues, or caused otherwise), you have every right to condemn them. Not too long ago gettin a tattoo was a big big deal (in some cases still is). People judged harshly those with inked skin, today things are changing as people realize others are responsible to their own bodies. Even if it's illegal, if they aren't actually affecting other people's lives, who are we to condemn them?

I will not join a debate on this issue here. I just want everyone to remember that everyone else has a life too, and like all of us, they have a right to decide how to live it.
10 Jan 2011

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