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Fr. Australia
Topic: Thanksgiving
So I'm trying to work out what's on offer around town for Thanksgiving. I know the big hotels have some add-ons to their usual buffet, and Crave has a special menu. Anyone else know anything?
24 Nov 2015
Fr. China
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Check the pic about a party near Sm
24 Nov 2015

Fr. United States
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I always just do Japanese steak house all you can eat and drink for 148 RMB. Not traditional, but it's better than eating some of the sorry excuses for Thanksgiving food at many restaurants
24 Nov 2015

replied by Echotea06 on 10:50:53 26 Nov
Hi there, could you share me the name and address of the Japanese steak house? I am looking for a good place to enjoy the steak.
Fr. Antartica
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I hit the Marco Polo this year and it sucked dry turkey balls... The year before I tried a different hotel and it also was crap, but they at least felt bad when we asked if they had anything more than turkey... Stuffing??? NO! Gravy??? NO! Cranberry??? NO! Sweet potatoes??? NO! Pumpkin pie??? NO! Mashed potatoes??? NO, but we feel so bad that we have nothing else we will make some special for you... I think we had 2 car loads of people and they didn't want the dollars walking out the door...
02 Dec 2015

replied by T-life on 21:29:17 18 Jan
You didn't go to coyote why???
Fr. Australia
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oh wow. Thanks everyone.
04 Dec 2015

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