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Fr. China
Topic: Pesto pesto
The only thing good about Xiamen...pesto season is really long
06 May 2016
Fr. United States
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oh, looks good!
06 May 2016

replied by lawang on 14:37:20 06 May
Yes,I found alomst all the ingredients on Taobao.
Fr. China
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how to make?
06 May 2016

replied by W00ki33 on 14:10:53 06 May
Crushed garlic, pine nuts, salt, basil, sometimes a little cheese, and some olive oil. If you can get the ingredients it's very simple to make and delicious.
replied by lawang on 14:20:43 06 May
garlic, pine nuts, salt, basil,parmigiano(good Italian one),extra virgin olive oil
It's easy,just need good ingredients
Fr. Italy
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06 May 2016

replied by lawang on 14:33:08 06 May
I ordered more basil today,later I'll post some new photos...
Fr. Italy
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The photo was taken in italy, not xiamen
06 May 2016

replied by lawang on 14:16:20 06 May
I found some good basil in Xiamen yesterday,didn't take photo
Che buona
Fr. United States
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I rarely see pesto in Xiamen, and when I do it's overpriced and not so good. I also disagree completely that it's the ONLY good thing in Xiamen, and if you think that, apparently you haven't seen much of this city.
06 May 2016

replied by lawang on 14:18:36 06 May
I can't stay in hot weather...melting here,from May to December I feel like a dog

I found a shop that delievers basil, my own plants are too small now
replied by lawang on 14:32:14 06 May
I tried some Italian restaurants here, totally agree with you.

Xiamen is a beautiful place...for about three months,it's small so it's really easy and cheap to move around, just too hot and the summer's too long.
And I'm not a fan of Xiamen food.
replied by stefano_XM on 14:32:58 06 May
replied by W00ki33 on 19:17:34 06 May
Yeah Xiamen cuisine isn't amazing. Dongbei food is better. And it is hot as hell but some people love it

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