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Fr. United States
Topic: New restaurants?
After being away awhile, I'm back and wondering if there are any new foreign restaurants. American, Vietnamese Japaneses, etc.
19 Sep 2016
Fr. India
Reply Top | Bottom at daring duck near hulishan fort. This Friday there is a welcome party, enterence fee like around 50 to 70rmb at door step. Contact - 13003919751 and wechat - mapt012. You can try this restaurant.
19 Sep 2016

replied by cnn1009877 on 00:54:11 20 Sep
indian food>??
Fr. Philippines
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1. The Hub by Indiano John at Yundang Lu near City Medical
2. The Meat Shop at 77 Minzu Lu
3. F. Bistro, Yundang Lu
20 Sep 2016

Fr. Canada
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Pink Banana
36 ZHONG bu tou

behind Daxui Lu near beer station.
26 Sep 2016

Fr. China
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And Mexican Restaurant where is new to Marco Polo area.
26 Sep 2016

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