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Fr. China
Topic: How do you make friends in a new city?
I've moved here over half a year but I don't know anyone but my colleagues. I'd like to meet new friends.
06 Jan 2017
Fr. China
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Welcome to Bamboo Church English corner LifeTalk, where people from many countries will sing and know about each other.

Their website is
11 Jan 2017

replied by SAHIL005 on 09:44:27 17 Aug
I can't find the contact details.
Please guide for the same.
replied by Juanita on 19:24:21 23 Feb
Thank you, but I\'m not free on weekends.
Fr. Canada
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i've been dealing with the same issues, and I only have one other coworker so i am going kinda insane....
If you want we can grab a coffee and hang out some time.
13 Feb 2017

Fr. China
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If you like paly Djembe and show in the street.Join us.
15 Feb 2017

replied by john0227 on 10:43:27 15 Feb
Wechat No. is 1017880227
replied by Juanita on 19:28:45 23 Feb
I don\'t what it is, but it looks cool.
Fr. India
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My name is Sahil.

Seriously, I am facing the same problem.
Can we all meet?
Please Consider.


We chat id : sahilj111
17 Aug 2017

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