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Fr. United Kingdom
Topic: BRICS Impact on foreigners
Hi guys, has anyone heard the rumours going around about foreigners having to leave Xiamen because of the BRICS meeting in September?

I heard yesterday it could be as early as July!

I just wondered if anyone else has heard something about this and if any one knows how we can find out for sure.
15 Mar 2017
Fr. Canada
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I have note heard of this "news" at all. What I have heard of is that the Central Government is paying residents near the Exhibition Place to "take a hike" for one week during the BRICS Conference so as to reduce traffic jams in the area and too many sighseers there. They are being ofered a monetary reward to go on a week-long trip outside of Xiamen.
15 Mar 2017

replied by sherren on 17:41:22 16 Mar
Fr. Switzerland
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This would be new to me, and I strongly doubt that this is true. Where did you hear those rumors?
16 Mar 2017

Fr. United Kingdom
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My Chinese friend has a French teacher (who's a foreigner) and she told her. I'm trying to confirm where she heard it from.

I'm just trying to see how I can find out more because of course we shouldn't believe rumours right
16 Mar 2017

replied by T-life on 21:56:07 17 Mar
Well during the Beijing Olympics no foreigners in Beijing had their Work permits renewed in the spring till after. So you never know.
Fr. Philippines
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What I know of is that they are cleaning the city especially illegal foreign workers, so if your friend is illegally working here then for sure they will be asked to leave the city.

The police have been checking the apartments of foreigners and verifying if you are legally residing in Xiamen. They are checking the census and also getting rid of non-residents here in Xiamen. They will check your passport, police permit, apartment title and even ask the number of the landlord to verify if you are really staying in the apartment. My apartment has been checked by the police already and so are most of my foreign friends. Nothing to worry though if you have the legal documents to stay in Xiamen.
20 Mar 2017

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