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Fr. United Kingdom
Topic: Looking for an apartment, Siming
Hey, I'm looking for a new place as my landlord needs to reuse my current apartment.

I'm looking for a place for around Y2500, doesn't have to be really big or amazing. Ideally in Siming district or not too far from the train station.

Anyone know a place to rent, or have a place they need to rent?

16 Mar 2017
Fr. Sweden
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Hej I have a master bed room 55sqm in a huge duplex around this price. would you be interested? Its by Siming Marco polo
16 Mar 2017

Fr. China
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Hi Nightcat, have u found a place to rent? I have several units available which may meet your requirement. Please do contact me at 13799761163 if required. Thx.
04 Apr 2017

Fr. Indonesia
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I have one room in a sharing flat. wechat me alencrossman
06 Apr 2017

Fr. China
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Hi, I am Cherry. I am renting out my apartment. My WeChat is hfh_zyc, contact me if you are interested in it. It is located at New International Bund, Wuyuan Bay, close to Wellington Road Station, the transportation is very convenient.
[About house]: 50 square meters, monthly rent is 2600 RMB/one month, refined decoration.
Spacious and comfortable, the distribution of the house is reasonable. One bedroom, one bathroom and one kitchen with balcony. Good lighting, you will be able to enjoy the sunshine in the morning everyday, feeling good. No matter you cook well or you can’t cook, you can have an experience in the kitchen. I looked for many houses, I felt in love with the house at the first time I saw it. It is near the beach, you can walk there during your leisure time. Since summer is coming, the sea is a better choose for you to relax yourself.
[Kindly note]: This apartment is prepared for our USA colleagues, now the room is vacant, no one there. We would like to rent it out during these months. The pictures were taken before, and now the kitchen is fully equipped. Welcome to the apartment~
07 Apr 2017

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