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Fr. United States
Topic: What Happened?
Wow. Just wow. After ten years in Xiamen and a long and illustrious career on WOX, I’m staggered.
The site has turned into a buy and sell page.
What happened to the vitriol and long running debates about all things local and international.
The latest laowai arrivals are simply boring and non inventive. Shameful and sad.

Is there anyone there who is still from the old skool??????

With love always,

02 Feb 2018
Fr. Antartica
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Beijing boss requires female staff to greet him with a kiss every morning
Updated: 10 Oct 2016

maybe if you updated your news stories a little more often you would get more traffic... I think it is 2018 now....
02 Feb 2018

Fr. Antartica
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and your photo size is very small to upload
02 Feb 2018

replied by XiamenOld on 23:51:46 02 Feb
RedCynic, your question is a good one! I left XM already 4 years and I still continue to check WOX but since long time they are not updating the links, the ASK forum are very boring, etc, etc. Good times the ones that @Rawr made a lot of discussions with her posts. I even could not post this message in a right place!!
Fr. United States
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Everyone has moved to bickering on wechat. Arguing and criticizing people is more efficient when done in real time.
03 Feb 2018

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