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Fr. Belgium
Topic: Let me be your Sugar Daddy
I visit China and Xiamen many times a year, because of my business.

In Xiamen I would like to have a sugar baby who accompanies me to restaurants, sightseeing, the nightlife and if possible traveling trough China.

I’ll take good care and surprise you with gifts from Europe/States, in retour I expect you to be open minded, good humored, naughty and romantic.

It’s no problem if you’re in a relationship or married, as long as you’re a pleasant personality, good mannered, discreet and willing to have a good time.

I don’t care that much about your age or looks, as long as you do your best to look as attractive as possible and wear sexy high heels when we meet up.

Send an email to: , with a short introduction of yourself, what you expect and how far you are willing to go. Accompanied with recent pictures of yourself.

You haven’t met me yet, but you will find out that I’m a great guy, 40, handsome and were going to have terrific time together.

Sugar Daddy

02 Mar 2010
Fr. France
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Are they really girls replying to that ? @@
03 Mar 2010

Fr. Canada
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a Belgian Sugar Daddy looking for a Chinese "Sugar Baby"...
03 Mar 2010

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Fr. Tonga
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You must be desperate. Speechless but what can I say? Jiayou buddy! lol
03 Mar 2010

Fr. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Isl
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I think the term is 'bubble girl' in China.

China aint exactly Thailand, where you can find short-term girlfriends easily, but at least you're being honest about what you want.

03 Mar 2010

Fr. Canada
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actually the term bubble girl refers to bath house girls in Japan, China uses the term huli - fox something...
04 Mar 2010

Fr. China
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Well...he is honest about what he want...Better than someone who said:"Sweetheart I want to marry you." then disapear the other day.
06 Mar 2010

Fr. Philippines
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He said, 40 and handsome...lets see how handsome you are? post your picture
17 Apr 2010

Fr. United States
Reply Top | Bottom
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha this is hilarious
22 Apr 2010

Fr. United States
Reply Top | Bottom
i second on the OP putting his picture up ... ha
28 Apr 2010

Fr. Netherlands
Reply Top | Bottom
baasbabelaas is right! Chinese girls aren't that gullible or desperate!

You'd easily have better luck with a chick from Bangkok or Manila!
22 May 2010

Fr. China
Reply Top | Bottom
27 Aug 2010

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