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Fr. Babylon
Topic: Redlight in Xiamen?
Where can I buy a girl 4 fun:)?
22 Mar 2011
Fr. Germany
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Illegal in China!

But if you don't care about that, you can get them at KTVs, Massage Places, and just by calling one of those numbers on the cards people hand you in front of hotels. The ones with half naked chicks on them...
22 Mar 2011

Fr. France
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No redlight areas, but many red lightened massage places !
23 Mar 2011

Fr. Hungary
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Take a walk on and around Zhong Shan road at about 1-2am. You'll find many women more than willing...just simply close your eyes because most are way in their 40s :-)
23 Mar 2011

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Fr. Malaysia
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You may try area around Sheraton Hotel
23 Mar 2011

Fr. United States
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There is nothing around Sheraton Hotel, those women were chased away long ago. What you will find is a mother and daughter who work as a team begging for money, it worked 3 years ago when the girl was young but now she is grown up and seems very well fed and dressed, haha
24 Mar 2011

Fr. United States
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Avoid KTV girls, they will ask you for 5000 to 10,000 RMB for one night!!! So crazy! I almost fell off my chair a few weeks ago when I heard this.... but I guess some stupid tourists must be paying.
24 Mar 2011

Fr. United States
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^are you serious?! suckers!
25 Mar 2011

Fr. United Kingdom
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Why do you want to pay for sex, i never had to do that in my life, come to my cafe and i will tell you why. Women want men so why the struggle.
Looking for love is more rewarding anyway. Paid sex is vastly overrated. lovely girls always coming to my cafe and i can tell you they just want someone who can give them respect and security, love and a good conversation. Why you wanna pay when there is so much more on offer?HI
My name is Terry i have opened a new waffle and chocolate house at shop 4 707 south hubin road Xiamen (near the big book store). I need all the english speakers i can get here. I am from UK and love to sell my waffles, chocolate, pizza, juice, tea and coffee and chat with english speakers so please come and see me Terry at TERENCE waffle and chocolate house. Come soon and try some chocolate and tea for FREE!

18 May 2011

replied by Marius99 on 07:32:43 09 Nov
Hello Terry i will make you a visit on the 26 novembre. Maybe we can beat some waffle\'s and speck more.

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