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Topic: Author:
Fr. India
Topic: xiamen to Hong kong kong by Bus
i am planning a trip to Hong kong by Bus..

can i know .....
the Duration of travel?
departure time of the bus from xiamen?
Cost of the ticket?
how to book the ticket?
from where i need to pick up the bus/ticket? i live near nanshan road

thank u

29 Jun 2007
Fr. United States
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You have two options to get to Hong Kong, depending
on whether you want to spend more time or spend more

1. Direct bus to Hong Kong Bus Terminal
2. To Shenzhen at Luohu Bus Terminal

The bus fare to HK direct is about 300 to 350rmb and
the bus fare to Shenzhen is about 160 to 180rmb.

Option 1: It takes approximately 7-8 hours (direct
to Hong Kong) depending on the speed of the bus. The
bus will take you through China and Hong Kong
Immigrations. It will drop you off on China side and
pick you up at Hong Kong side, and then proceed to
Hong Kong Bus Terminal.

Option 2: It takes about 6-7 hours to get to
Shenzhen and another 2-3 hours by MRT (Mass Rapid
Transport) to get to Hong Kong CBD.

Xiamen-Shenzhen bus stops at its terminal at Luohu
Bus Terminal. The Luohu Train Station which is
adjacent to the bus terminal is the location of the
Chinese immigration and customs. After Chinese
Immigration at Luohu, you take a short walk to Hong
Kong side. After Hong Kong Immigration, you take
another short walk to Hong Kong MRT station.

You can use phone booking on 0592-5661492 and pick
up ticket at Nanshan Road Bus Ticket Office or
simply turn up at the address at:

161, Nanshan Road, Huli (南山路 161号). The address
which is close to the Huli Tunnel is the ticket
office as well as the pickup point for passengers.
29 Jun 2007

Fr. China
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Usually, the buses leave Xiamen for Hong Kong or Shenzhen
either in the morning so they reach before night fall or
early night OR in the evening, the last bus is usually
around 10.00pm, so that you reach Hong Kong or Shenzhen in
the morning around 5.00am to 6.30am.

The best time to catch the bus is the last bus as you can
expect to reach Shenzhen at 6.00am. The Customs and
Immigration used to open at 6.00am. However, it seems the
Luohu Immigration is now open 24hours, please check.

29 Jun 2007

Fr. Philippines
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thanks for the good info...
I'll be needing this :)
11 Jun 2008

Fr. United States
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I would ONLY take the business class overnight bus to HK that leaves from the ticket office next to the Super 8 motel on Dongdu Lu. (Is my spelling right?) Not far from the ferry terminal.
02 Nov 2011

Fr. United Kingdom
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If you live in town, you can fetch the coach at the long distance bus terminal opposite BuyNow.
09 Mar 2014

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