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Topic: Author:
Fr. Malaysia
Topic: Massage Parlour and Sex
Is there any new and excellent massage parlour in xiamen?
27 Nov 2008
Fr. Australia
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Hanky panky massage palour in Xiamen is illegal. Usually, there
are huge hidden risks involve with these venues. You are quite
certain to be "eaten" alive by traps and tricks set upon you.

Don't go to places where the law is not observed in China. They
are really bad. The cheap sex is not worth it here.

If you are foreign, remember that your visa does not permit you
to commit crime and soliciting prostitute is a crime. "Trap" by
tricky "honey" can be too easy under this circumstances.

Xiamen has many foot massages and therapeutic massages, they are
28 Nov 2008

Fr. Virgin Islands (USA)
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Most of those "masseuses" come from extremely poor places and haven't
got much in term of choices. Don't contribute in their misfortune and
abuse. While condemning prostitution at the occasional roundup, many
chinese government people enjoy it very often. Quite hypocritical attitude,
If you want have fun, try some trendy night clubs, there several girls
looking for adventure out there, more than you can expect, and it's their
free choice.
29 Nov 2008

Fr. Malaysia
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Where is this trendy night clubs?
29 May 2009

Fr. China
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just nothing just nothing just nothing just nothing
15 Jun 2012

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