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Fr. Australia
Topic: Bank Loan Vs Non-Bank Loan
As the months gradually pass by, there are many things in the business world that continue to change. But, one thing is constant over the last two years is that loans to small businesses from lenders like banks and similar financing institutions are still very hard to come by.

Banks and other financial institutions remain colossally doubtful about what tomorrow will be like. Some banks quote over regulation by the government while others tout that they are just not seeing qualified borrowers.

Without any reasons, small firms continue to fight in finding Business Loans from traditional sources to help them grow and get success.

Small businesses are one of the strongest financial growth increaser in our nation. Small and Main Street businesses provide jobs, wealth and opportunities in the society in which they operate ? society which ebb and flow with the powers and prospects of their local businesses.

However, from the bank side - they also create the larger risks - risks that banks continue to NOT want to be taken.

There is an old saying - the bigger the risk, the greater the reward. And, to get that reward, we have to find ways to make this risk work in this new economy. And, some new non-bank lenders are actually finding ways!

Leave it to the ingenuity of small business owners in this country to come with new stop gap business loan products and services - all designed with the small business or Street businesses in mind.

Many new non-bank lenders are stepping up to encourage the small business funding gap left wide open by banks. These business loan products are generally easier to qualify for and can be funded much faster than bank loans as these new financing institutions understand the real requirement of small businesses and the opportunities they depict.

There have also been new kind of business lenders stepping up the market. Some have taken traditional loan vehicles like accounts receivable factoring or business cash advances and tweaked them to better meet the requirements of smaller businesses (businesses with potential but not yet profitable) while others have created a completely new design to view a business's economic strength with a focus more on cash flow than succession in business.

What this means to the small businesses fighting today and those that will surface tomorrow is that while banks continue to dig in and avoid internal innovation to meet current small business loan demand; other non-bank lenders are stepping up and trying to succeed with new designed services and new market strategy. The bottom line here is that the longer the banks hold their vaults shuts against small businesses and continue to ignore the rising demands for small business financial needs, the opportunities created for new, innovative lenders to step up and fill these gaps are outstanding.
24 Jan 2019

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