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Post AD for private individual who is not for business   


  Questions Author Views Ans Date
 Guitar shopsDaveFlood74117 Jan 17 
 Judo ???abirella28105117 Jan 17 
 AUSSIES calling out to all aussies in Xiamensteeze214313 Jan 17 
 SuperBowl showings on Mon Feb 6??TravellerFrisky123110 Jan 17 
 Nude MonopolySaltypeks192009 Jan 17 
 Looking for a native British English teacherchristinelarkin145308 Jan 17 
 Renting out a single flat in the Sino Centr...Raylin Lei111007 Jan 17 
 How do you make friends in a new city?Juanita171106 Jan 17 
 KungFu ClassesGeorgeXMN143005 Jan 17 
 English accentlihuaflower165004 Jan 17 
 SIM card for ChinaTravellerFrisky161103 Jan 17 
 Free! Free flow of beer and wine, delicious...huanganna24200130 Dec 16 
 PS4 gamesharkes182030 Dec 16 
 Renting out a room in the centerlostpassword199130 Dec 16 
 look for french tutor and classjenny2008209127 Dec 16 
 Looking for a house maid /nanny any idea ??abirella28254525 Dec 16 
 Niu N1Sports for salehulpesergiu257121 Dec 16 
 Looking for Business and Import ConsultantAlexanderNor280221 Dec 16 
 Anyone looking for language partner/tutor?jolenelu245020 Dec 16 
 Ukrainian hryvnia forexchangejames12210020 Dec 16 
 14 hour layover in Xiamen - any suggestionskelvin604318318 Dec 16 
 Looking for a Native Private Tuorvictoriaqueen226014 Dec 16 
 English speaking hairdresser after hair dis...sukeke250113 Dec 16 
 Looking for an English tutorderek322310012 Dec 16 
 Computer expert needed!Kastanietta228112 Dec 16 
 Montpelier Malaysia/Asia Financial Adviserharkes251008 Dec 16 
 pet product distributor or pet shop alliancewwwoiopetohk225007 Dec 16 
 Looking for a small apartment near Mingfashufu290307 Dec 16 
 a pair of boots in size 13 for salexmsarah273007 Dec 16 
 need english teachers~: )lianhuiping238007 Dec 16 
 2-bedroom Apartment in Ruijing for rentjrts14234106 Dec 16 
 language exchangeJolinhuangzl251205 Dec 16 
 Spanish Friends/Nanny wantedchilllli171005 Dec 16 
 Room Available in 3 Bedroom Apartment in Bi...Adria92174005 Dec 16 
 F&B trainertabby233004 Dec 16 
 everytime want to answer a question, i was ...b_b111111112000296304 Dec 16 
 Want to find a foreigner to have a casual s...Raylin Lei315003 Dec 16 
 looking for a foreigner for English speakin...Raylin Lei203003 Dec 16 
 getting a drivers license in Xiamen/ChinaTravellerFrisky341303 Dec 16 
 Room for rent in a 4 bedroom apartmentmarie04207001 Dec 16 
 Parrot is looking for a new familylinnetbird446429 Nov 16 
 Experienced English tutor neededHarryD302128 Nov 16 
 lost & found - dalmatianwwwoiopetohk280126 Nov 16 
 Apartment for rent-Lianban Areajelinek221025 Nov 16 
 Room available in big apartment.guich244023 Nov 16 

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