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Post AD for private individual who is not for business   


  Questions Author Views Ans Date
 1-1 private English tutor near xiada neededlilola121013 Jul 17 
 Part-time teacher Wanted for Group-training...Kings124013 Jul 17 
 Any recommendation?EchoAmoy144113 Jul 17 
 To recruit a staff for marble blocks marketingpranjal135011 Jul 17 
 looking for an english teacherninaliu149110 Jul 17 
 teaching kidslihuaflower138010 Jul 17 
 Any good foreign teachers´╝čangela99197006 Jul 17 
 make new friendss526855234104 Jul 17 
 MODELS WANTEDcandylyq182103 Jul 17 
 looking for English teacherciciblair174002 Jul 17 
 looking for part time foreignerDannyjia214129 Jun 17 
 ESL teacher wanted in XiamenKings200028 Jun 17 
 Dell printer support numberWhite90134028 Jun 17 
 any know where i can rent tennis court for ...Realbaymax201227 Jun 17 
 Apartment for rentalexynne260021 Jun 17 
 Lenovo Thinkpad 8 Tablet for saleNightcat235013 Jun 17 
 Looking for English home tutor for kidBettydonut276012 Jun 17 
 Good Baby Stroller and other itemslilviz2001355205 Jun 17 
 SailingJimJBoats330203 Jun 17 
 Query for eating plan anti candida albicansClaytondef315031 May 17 
 Dragon Boat racesTravellerFrisky450324 May 17 
 make some foreign friendsdanis273473124 May 17 
 anyone here play tennisjenny2008384022 May 17 
 Monkey Brew BarTravellerFrisky485017 May 17 
 Police ClearanceSeabreeze572013 May 17 
 Wimped out...Mr Shelly420113 May 17 
 yoga classmegknowles293111 May 17 
 Any beach volleyball practice going on ??abirella28255009 May 17 
 Tailor near Sibei LukouTravellerFrisky324009 May 17 
 Only Ads left?cap212364208 May 17 
 Travel with earninglihuaflower291005 May 17 
 Huawei Mobile Phone for saledjh0768389204 May 17 
 I would like to offer Mandrain class in wee...Wuxinzi332203 May 17 
 looking for roomateselo242003 May 17 
 looking for language exchange buddy!iriszhangjw387101 May 17 
 Rent a boatnicolas917333101 May 17 
 China Visa from Hong Kongvinyrobinson280001 May 17 
 Sales Director for IELTS Trainingwumengdehaizi274028 Apr 17 
 wanna buy a fasion traveling bag on the fle...Tinadudu1988300027 Apr 17 
 How to make a oversea friend in XiamenTinadudu1988489327 Apr 17 
 DonationKastanietta366226 Apr 17 
 For Sale Wu Ling VanMr Shelly339626 Apr 17 
 Quality South African Biltong (dried beef) ...Mandrake239026 Apr 17 
 Non native English tutorVipeR27272024 Apr 17 
 part time required. work hrs 1800-2100. Som...xiamenguru361021 Apr 17 

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