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  Questions Author Views Ans Date
 Seeking the people who are willing to donat...Galaxy1137814130 Jul 13 
 they want to buy bill,what shall i doxiamensummer1364412423 Sep 11 
 easy job for foreign girlsLilu123846410214 Jul 13 
 About your personal experience with racismziggy828109529710 Dec 11 
 Are you ready for the Rugby Games/Beach Party?bongants66100839723 Apr 12 
 want to make gay friends with gayarno xu159948210 Mar 12 
 What have the Romans ever done for us?otto90068022 Oct 11 
 Are there escorts in xiamen?aegv354237810 Aug 08 
 Ever been lied to by a XInjianger?petebeatstreet85167722 Nov 11 
 anyone for relationship?yasir khan74047720 Aug 13 
 guys suckjoy1314520z88496603 Nov 11 
 Chinese cornerButton76616509 Mar 12 
 female foreigner singer?gabrielxiamen92106205 Dec 11 
 Blackmail!Turnipmuncher77256128 Aug 12 
 isnt it bad?yasir khan68965924 May 12 
 How will you spend your CNY Vacation?bongants6652815606 Jan 12 
 Fake alcohol in XiamenRaul40635525 Aug 12 
 Hard to see!!rpkbrt64065308 Jan 11 
 Book Clubdevina50855214 Apr 11 
 Guys inviting girls to their placediana1633695119 Mar 13 
 would you like to get paid for drinking in ...gabrielxiamen52964908 Dec 11 
 Getting a 1 year resident permit after mariagelivininchina38044923 Jul 12 
 Woxers Meetup at New Helen's on Friday Nightlolly0040684905 Sep 12 
 Why don't people show their photos in WOX?Dalina47264813 Apr 11 
 Do you addict to something?Penny_XM31844725 Sep 11 
 Winter comes and any plan?Penny_XM36384608 Oct 11 
 what are the common fruits that you eat dailyhaijing120328434628 Apr 12 
 is this a web only for foreigners???haijing120337134611 Sep 12 
 Can anybody Suggest some Funny TV shows?Candice23094626 Sep 12 
 TV series to watch?RedCynic25084504 Apr 12 
 date a foreigneryaodaozhu39624505 Jul 12 
 Anybody would like to join us?Candice31824506 Nov 12 
 Mcdonald's Rant and Rip, Ketchupdcukawa26864530 Dec 12 
 any christians here who want to hang out so...JZ1135344423 Feb 12 
 Oh God I am Still Singleyasir khan39354410 May 12 
 who is good at playing the piano??lihuaflower31854430 Oct 12 
 my body - where is it?SpeculativeB...26434314 Jun 12 
 When pizza will be back in Napoli?benco33564127 Nov 11 
 Favorite Restaurant in Xiamensybarite42064127 Feb 12 
 Skin color of Chinese: white or yellow ?Northerner126514121 Dec 12 
 Theme park will be available in TonganPenny_XM30864020 Nov 11 
 Sleeping with a guy on the 5th dateprettylittleliar34734021 Mar 13 
 Trashing the English of the locals on hereiminchina47133929 Apr 11 
 what will u do when depressedteenchen28673912 Oct 11 
 Chili Dogsalexynne28873911 Nov 11 

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