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  Questions Author Views Ans Date
 Are there escorts in xiamen?aegv358917810 Aug 08 
 Best Xiamen Body Massage? 全身按摩?Mister_Phoenix330211219 Sep 11 
 Massage Parlour and SexColinChew30292427 Nov 08 
 Where to get Windows 7 Ultimate?alexandraroberts24442129 Dec 17 
 where to buy cranberries and cowberry?Mike7517658726 Sep 12 
 u looking for love or sex in Xiamen?patoecologico167943715 Feb 11 
 want to make gay friends with gayarno xu164568210 Mar 12 
 DRUGS in xiada and in surroundingsheyhey161032614 Feb 09 
 Redlight in Xiamen?Keith14234822 Mar 11 
 they want to buy bill,what shall i doxiamensummer1389312423 Sep 11 
 Skin color of Chinese: white or yellow ?Northerner133924121 Dec 12 
 Let me be your Sugar DaddySugardaddy124791102 Mar 10 
 xiamen to Hong kong kong by BusVinod12156529 Jun 07 
 Seeking the people who are willing to donat...Galaxy1169014130 Jul 13 
 Free proxy, surf without censorship?blackandwhit...115941206 Dec 08 
 About your personal experience with racismziggy828112519710 Dec 11 
 Train to Guangzhoulifeline78105151024 Oct 07 
 Are you ready for the Rugby Games/Beach Party?bongants66104909723 Apr 12 
 female foreigner singer?gabrielxiamen95336205 Dec 11 
 What have the Romans ever done for us?otto93858022 Oct 11 
 Xiamen Expat clubsmenmetje93401525 Jul 09 
 guys suckjoy1314520z90856603 Nov 11 
 Ever been lied to by a XInjianger?petebeatstreet87517722 Nov 11 
 easy job for foreign girlsLilu123874010214 Jul 13 
 Xiamen Ferry to Kinmen Islandbettster8501201 Apr 09 
 Everlast gymwear/clothing - where?baasbabelaas8250525 Nov 10 
 Map of bus routesashleybrooke8196829 Oct 07 
 Blackmail!Turnipmuncher79956228 Aug 12 
 Chinese cornerButton78966509 Mar 12 
 FYI - Murder in front of marco polo last nightBenway76951706 Jun 10 
 anyone for relationship?yasir khan76657720 Aug 13 
 Markets in Xiamen (Fake goods)duckie176321214 Oct 11 
 How many girls are here to find a foreign b...James.b74433713 Jul 11 
 fake marketashleybrooke7254324 Sep 07 
 isnt it bad?yasir khan71225924 May 12 
 Can an unmarried woman give birth in China?prince71969992705 May 11 
 Conversation Exchange. Come Join the Fun!female6768328 Mar 10 
 check balance on China Mobile SIM cardaguma6750706 Sep 11 
 One day tour to King Men Island Taiwanbuddha66712323 Jul 08 
 Hard to see!!rpkbrt65325308 Jan 11 
 Cxxxxx Nxxxx XIAMENforyou6498523 Jun 14 
 Giant vs MeridaSpeculativeB...64581115 May 11 
 King's International English School job va...XM_Guru16419012 May 07 
 Ladies! please enter 美女们请进imonxiamen63782230 Jul 10 
 Papa John'sSpeculativeB...60801819 Oct 10 

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