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Xiamen Farline International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Farline International Logistics Co., Ltd.


Room G-H, 11/F, Bonded Goods Market Building, Huli District, Xiamen
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Xiamen Far-line International Logistics Co.Ltd., a first-class forwarding agency, specializes in import and export freight, undertaking international marine and aerial freight operations, including goods cornering, booking, storage, trains changing, container, balancing transport cost, declaration, quarantine declaration, applying to check-up, drawing B/L and related short-haul carrying services.
We have marine transportation department, service department, aerial transport department, land transportation department, chartering department and the customs broker, which are authorized by both Chinese CIQ and Fujian Province bureau of industry and commerce.
Our convenient, fast, safe and accurate service will fully meet your needs in such a dynamic business world.