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Residential Steel Buildings

Nothing better then killing two birds with one stone. And this is precisely what you will be doing here with the residential steel building/ workshop. Consolidate, and bring your home and your shop into one amazing and gorgeous metal steel building. Save thousands of dollars on construction costs and erection time. These steel buildings will be up in no time and we can deliver your home to your property in 4-6 weeks. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and back it up with great service. Call one our Steel Building Consultants today and get all the information you need in order to decide if the residential/workshop steel building is the right way for you to go. Some of the advantages of living in your steel building is that they are dependable, affordable and most of all flexible. If you need to add more house later on, you can do that with your steel building home with ease and with the peace of mind that you know the steel building was engineered to expand. Residential Steel Building Kits

1. What color do you offer?

The Colors are made to specification and you can choose wall, roof and trim colors for your building. Call us for more details.

2. Is shipping included for my building?

We do provide Free shipping to the US and Canada.

3. Do you offer insulation for my building?

We do offer insulation, call us or request a quote for more details.

4. Will the building meet my local or county building codes? Snow Loads? Wind Loads?

The short answer is YES! Please call us or request a quote so we can gather more information and specifics about your project in order to tell you the exact design codes you will need.

5. How quickly can you ship my building?

We can ship your building in as little as 3 weeks, Please call us or request a quote so we can talk about your project and see how complex it is so that we may determine the actual production time for your project. .

6. What is the distance between the purlins and girts?

This really depends on a few factors, and its determined by where your building is going the design code in your area, and other factors such as snow loads, wind loads and seismic activity where the building will ultimately reside. Please call us or request a quote so we can get more details from your in regards to your project so we can give you exact answers.

7. Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing on your building but we do have a payment plan available. Please call us or request a quote so we can discuss the options.

8. Do you offer support with permits and erection?

Yes, besides the stamped engineered drawings, the erection drawings and the anchor bolt locations and column reactions. We also provide you with your dedicated project manger that will see your project through from inception until your receive your building.

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