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A new possibility in Glaucoma Treatment - Stem Cell Therapy

Glaucoma is one of the chronic eye disorders which damage the optic nerve leading to vision loss or poor vision. There is no definitive cure available for Glaucoma unless it is addressed in an early stage so that we can prevent the progression of the disease permanently with the help of Affordable Stem Cell Therapy for Glaucoma, which can prevent the further loss of vision.

Intra-Ocular Pressure which is build up inside the eye is linked directly to Glaucoma. An increased Intra-Ocular Pressure can damage the optic nerve which makes the nerve unable to send the image signals to the brain and this continued damage to the optic nerve leads to permanent blindness and vision loss if not treated at the early stage.

During the early stage of Glaucoma, the patient normally doesn’t experience any symptoms or pain and the vision remains normal which makes it very difficult to detect the existence of Glaucoma. Once this disease is progressed, the peripheral vision of the patient gets affected leading the slow loss of the vision. During this stage, the patient cannot see the objects near their eyes sides or at the corner of the eyes. If the condition remains unaddressed, then the patient experience central vision loss, which ultimately leads to complete blindness over the course of time.

The discoveries and research done in the field of Best Stem Cell Treatment for Glaucoma have shown very significant and promising results and improvements in the patient. The scientists and researchers were able to prevent further degeneration of the retinal ganglion cells with the help of Stem Cells.

When the Stem Cells are administered into the retrobulbar part of the eyeball, they secrete extracellular vesicles called Exosomes after coming in contact with the targeted cell’s membrane. These Exosomes contains RNA and microRNA proteins which act as a messenger and they migrate to the nearby cells leading to regeneration and replacement of the damaged cells.

These microRNA proteins deliver significantly positive results as they interfere with the gene expression. The main benefits of using these Exosomes are that they are the purest form of stem cells and cannot be rejected by the body’s immune system hence avoiding the risk or rejection.

Exosomes derived from Stem Cell Therapy has led to the latest possibilities of Glaucoma Treatment or any other eye related degenerative diseases.
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