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Odenwalder is hiring staff for kitchen

Cafes & Restaurants Created on 15-05-30 by odenwalder Total Views 2152
Odenwalder is hiring staff for kitchen
Odenwalder is looking for a "kitchen tiger” helping us to catch up with our growth.
You don’t have to be a full licensed cook, most important is that you are hard working and interested to learn this job. Odenwalder is building up a franchise formula, and we need you to be part of it in our central kitchen.
Job is Tuesday to Sunday, daily working hours will be agreed.
English not required, but some basic knowledge will be an advantage.
Contact Ms Shannon Song at
189-6581-5018 for appointment.


Contact Information

Ms Shannon Song
Phone 189-6581-5018
Address No.32 Xiacheng Seaview Garden, 54#MinZu Rd Xiamen


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