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Mandarin Unlimited 2017: Semester classes are:

Schools & Tutors Created on 17-02-17 by MandarinUnlimited Total Views 684
Mandarin Unlimited 2017: Semester classes (Student Visa sponsored) are:

1. Immersion Class

2. Basic Spoken Chinese Crash Class

3. Business Chinese Class

4. Advanced Chinese Class

5. HSK Tutorial Class

6.Chinese Painting&Calligraphy

7.Chinese Kungfu Class ...

The most ambitious foreigners in Xiamen all choose MUA to study Mandarin. Unbeatable pricing, abundant courses, qualified teachers, safe school facilities, and a nice studying environment. These conditions make MUA a must-have choice for your Mandarin learning and China exploring in Xiamen.

Mandarin Unlimited Academy is the first legally registered private Mandarin school in Xiamen. Our devotion is to the diffuse the essence of Chinese culture, to build a bridge for friends around the world who want to learn Mandarin and to enhance understanding and friendship between Chinese people and people from all over the world. MUA is looking forward to knowing you and would like to work with you towards the friendship between your country and China.

Registration for MUA 2017 Semester (Student Visa sponsored) of Mandarin classes is now open!

Welcome to Xiamen and join us!

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ElizabethDodd 31 Mar 2017
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MandarinUnlimited 17 Feb 2017
Please find MUA on:

1. Tel: 0592-5161531;

2. Email:;

3. Facebook : Mandarin Unlimited Academy.

4.Visit MUA at: UnitA, 3rd floor, Zhongxia International Building, Xiahe Road, Xiamen, China.(中国厦门市厦禾路中厦国际大厦3楼.MUA语无限学校).


6. 微信公众号(中文):语无限学校MUA;

7.wechat: MandarinUnlimited.

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