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This Classifieds Page is the section that has all the small and private ads. Individuals and businesses can post their ads here. Charges are levied on commercial entities only. For NGOs, private individuals and other noncommercial groups, there is no charge. The adscan be for used or new products, private or ... more
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Looking for wood supplier

Hi everyone, We are looking for a wood supplier that sells raw planks, reclaim wood or even plywood. A must would be
Contact:   Posted On 11 May 2017   Total Views 4866

Free baby hip seat carrier given

Hi parents, We are doing business and selling our baby hip seat carriers on Amazon. We would like to give our premium
Contact: ,  13860139005   Posted On 01 Sep 2016   Total Views 3478

racing go kart kits

Walk on water ball (otherwise called a water walking ball) is an expansive inflatable circle that permits a man inside i
Contact: ,  (001)215-764-6161 (USA)   Posted On 04 Mar 2016   Total Views 3029

Chinese importing partners

Chinese importing partners Hello, we are looking chinese partners who whants to import wood (木) to China by vessels o
Contact:   Posted On 08 Apr 2015   Total Views 3939

Xiamen Sfs Stone Co., Ltd.

We specialize in stone trade. Our main products are Granite, Marble, Slate, Tombstone, Book, Vase, Garden Product, Palis
Contact: ,  0086-592-2681001   Posted On 06 Mar 2013   Total Views 4144

Xiamen Leo Products.,Ltd.

Dear all, This is Rena, from Leo Products.Welcome to check our website, any questions please let me know. www.leop
Contact:   Posted On 16 Apr 2012   Total Views 3096

CBTV Satellite TV Repair Service in Beijing , Tianjin || Satellite TV Online China can offer your favorite tv channels in Beijing, shanghai, tianji
Contact: ,  13681000117   Posted On 07 Apr 2011   Total Views 3388

Dream satellite TV Renewal & Subscription Service in BJ

About Dream TV See the world through the eyes of your own DREAM Satellite TV System. No longer will family TV viewing b
Contact: ,  13681000117   Posted On 29 Mar 2011   Total Views 3288

Trade & Investment

We are, an Australian Projects Investment Company, resident in Xiamen, looking for serious China investor partners to b
Contact: ,  18959223916   Posted On 11 Mar 2011   Total Views 2777

China satellite tv Installation  || Beijing Satellite TV Network is one of the best professional satellite tv Providers in China , we
Contact: ,  +86 153 5925 8086   Posted On 22 Feb 2011   Total Views 1833

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