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This Classifieds Page is the section that has all the small and private ads. Individuals and businesses can post their ads here. Charges are levied on commercial entities only. For NGOs, private individuals and other noncommercial groups, there is no charge. The adscan be for used or new products, private or ... more
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xiamen lawyer

I would like to meet with a lawyer in xiamen who specializes in immigration law.
Contact:   Posted On 14 Apr 2011   Total Views 1272

Extend China visa in Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Reliable Visa services in guangzhou and shenzhen We have a professional service team! Why not contact us: Visa Extens
Contact: ,  13428688292   Posted On 27 Feb 2011   Total Views 3542

visa extension or convertion in beijing

Professional VISA service in That's China Welcome to China!!This is James from That’s China Co.,Ltd. Here are a l
Contact: ,  138 1030 4060   Posted On 06 Dec 2010   Total Views 1167

Licensed Attorney Legal Advice

LEGAL ADVICE FROM LICENSED CHINESE ATTORNEY - 5 years of litigation and legal advisory experience - Expertise on
Contact: ,  15606003575   Posted On 26 Aug 2010   Total Views 1067

Service Offered On Line For Book-Keeping And Accounts

PRITHVI129CT Avail the Services from an Experienced Book-keeper for Maintaining of Company Accounts / Shops / Traders an
Contact:   Posted On 25 Aug 2010   Total Views 1047

Apply one china driving license for foreigner in china

Chinese car and motobike Driving License For Foreigners and Extend Chinese Visa For Foreigners We can get a Chinese
Contact: ,  13428688292   Posted On 09 Aug 2010   Total Views 1508

Professional visa service in China

Professional visa service in China We provide the following service: F/Z Invitation letter L visa extension: it can
Contact: ,  18701375401   Posted On 02 Jun 2010   Total Views 3501

Terminal Chinese visa solution

Terminal Chinese Visa Solution Honest efficient reliable stable Worry about your Chinese visa? Not any more! We'll
Contact: ,  101-58156222-152   Posted On 25 May 2010   Total Views 1246

Visa extension in Xiamen, cheap and safe

Extend Chinese Visa For Foreigners and Chinese Driving License For Foreigners Contact me :dany 13121759578 MSN: dany
Contact: ,  13121759578   Posted On 07 May 2010   Total Views 2914

China visa, Chinese driver license & translation services

Our company (That’s China) is one of the professional and authorized visa service company, can help you or your friend
Contact: ,  15010268301   Posted On 06 May 2010   Total Views 2248

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