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This Classifieds Page is the section that has all the small and private ads. Individuals and businesses can post their ads here. Charges are levied on commercial entities only. For NGOs, private individuals and other noncommercial groups, there is no charge. The adscan be for used or new products, private or ... more
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2Bedroom Apt, furniture&building NEW, great location

Hey! The apartment is 80m2. It has 2 bedrooms, a nice kitchen with a gas-stove, refrigerator, freezer, modern fan and
Contact: ,  13599526344 15711544601   Posted On 11 Jan 2013   Total Views 1627

Nice warm new 2 bedroom apartment, great location

Hey! We are a couple who has lived in Xiamen for 3 months now, I am Swedish and my boyfriend is Chinese. Unfortunate
Contact: ,  13599526344   Posted On 04 Jan 2013   Total Views 1289

Easy Home Ready-to-use and Virtual Offices Services

Xiamen Easy Home Ready-to-use Offices and Virtual Offices Services Currently, Easy Home International can provide mo
Contact: ,  05925800723   Posted On 21 Apr 2012   Total Views 873

A well-equipped manicure shop for transfer

Here is a shop to transfer for I have to leave Xiamen and go home to deal with something. Inner decoration is warm and o
Contact: ,  15160038250   Posted On 11 Jan 2012   Total Views 1117

A well-equipped shop for transfer

Here is a shop to transfer for I have to leave Xiamen and go home to deal with something . Inner decoration is warm and
Contact: ,  15160038250   Posted On 12 Oct 2011   Total Views 2492

Deluxe 3-Bedroom Apartment For Rent

I have several deluxe 3-bedroom apartment for rent,these are private listings,the apartments are all new and newly decor
Contact: ,  13860196750/ 5559517   Posted On 15 Apr 2011   Total Views 2184

Looking for Long / Short Term Female Roommate

Have one 150m2 nice apartment, near Marco Polo hotel, and have one room availabel,and looking for female roommate. If in
Contact:   Posted On 12 Apr 2011   Total Views 1245

Clean apartment for rent

It's near to Songbai Gardan(松柏公园)with lake view. bus-stop, Convenient to super market, city center. It's we
Contact:   Posted On 30 Apr 2010   Total Views 2004

Sea view apartment near XiaDa

It's near to Xiamen Univercity on the high floor with sea view. Convenient to super market, bus-stops, shops, cafes. Wal
Contact:   Posted On 23 Apr 2010   Total Views 1824

Rommate Needed - Short/Long-term

This apartment is already up on this section, but if I can find someone to take my room (even if its on a short-term bas
Contact: ,  15510006274   Posted On 22 Apr 2010   Total Views 1549

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