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This Classifieds Page is the section that has all the small and private ads. Individuals and businesses can post their ads here. Charges are levied on commercial entities only. For NGOs, private individuals and other noncommercial groups, there is no charge. The adscan be for used or new products, private or ... more
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Logo design competition

The "Urban Health and Wellbeing: a Systems Approach" programme is a newly established public (non commercial) research p
Contact:   Posted On 21 Jul 2015   Total Views 2396

BOMB!!The restriction on investment capital for Foreign Investment Company has b

The Ban on Investment Capital Deposit Was Removed To implement China’s newest reform on business registration, the
Contact: ,  18606003008   Posted On 24 Aug 2014   Total Views 2392

Taobao Store Recruitment

Need someone to contact other taobao stores to sell my product, need to write Chinese fluently and know how to use taoba
Contact:   Posted On 30 Mar 2014   Total Views 2661

if you r interested in this, join me!

Hi, i'm an English teacherworking at a language training school,recently,i'm in depression, cauz i'm finding it is borin
Contact: ,  13666065836   Posted On 03 Jul 2013   Total Views 3124

New shopping service for foreigners! is your fast and efficient way to shop online in China: -purchasing previously chosen items fo
Contact:   Posted On 28 Apr 2013   Total Views 2926

Business opportunity

Our New Zealand based company is looking for motivated people with contacts in South East Asia, to join our exciting com
Contact: ,  +64 27 4420073   Posted On 05 Apr 2012   Total Views 1081

A well-equipped manicure shop for transfer

Here is a shop to transfer for I have to leave Xiamen and go home to deal with something. Inner decoration is warm and o
Contact: ,  15160038250   Posted On 19 Dec 2011   Total Views 6640

WANTED: People To Work From Home

WANTED: People To Work From Home. (ID#voj220070-AD53) We Are Looking For Qualified People Who Are Willing To Fill Out
Contact:   Posted On 10 Apr 2011   Total Views 1300

 Real fragrances

FragranceX offer over 15,000 brand name real fragrances, skincare and cosmetics products at up to 80% off. http://www.sp
Contact: ,  0300-6864796   Posted On 29 Mar 2011   Total Views 1337

SaoSA Bent/Curved Laminated Glass

Nowadays bent laminated glass is highly affordable in the current architectural market for the designs of tomorrow, and
Contact: ,  86+592-5046038   Posted On 28 Mar 2011   Total Views 11871

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