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Fr. Singapore
Topic: Is edible bird nest that really good for health?
Recent report - "In 2009, Xiamen imported 790 kilograms of edible bird's nest with a total sum of 715,000 US dollars, an increase of 356.6% and 179.6% respectively over a year earlier, according to Xiamen Import-Export Bureau"

Is it medically proven that edible bird nest will make ou more healthy or your skin complexion looks better and younger? I am sure the affluent people is willing to pay Rmb 30-40 per gram.

I know a friend of mine who supplied the edible bird nest at Rmb 28 per gram. I asked him will I get bird flu if I eat them?

I am sure the animal lovers will protest against such lifestyle eating bird nest, shark fins and frog legs. Imagine we will have homeless swifts, robotic sharks and frogs on wheel chairs.

However, if there are people willing to pay for it, you will have people supply such products. So, where do we go from here?

Direct translation below, may not be accurate.

23 Jan 2010
Fr. United States
Traditionally, bird's nest harvested from caves or house
needs to be cleaned to remove the feathers before being
suitable to used as the key ingredient of bird's nest soup.
In the market, there are several unethical businessman who
use chemicals to bleach the bird's nest and claim to be
selling pure bird's nest. Therefore, it is important for
consumers to know how to identify chemically bleached bird's
nest and avoid such purchase, as long term consumption of
chemically bleached bird's nest can cause adverse health

[6] The making of 100% Pure Bird's Nest does not involve the
use of additives, bleaching agents or potentially harmful
chemicals. In addition to chemical avoidance, 100% pure
bird’s nest involves a process of cleaning the internal
structures of the bird's nest with modern biological
methods. This ensures that the bird's nest is free from
impurities and bacteria. This process is capable of
reverting the bird's nest back to an earlier stage of
maturity. After this cleaning process, a light scent of egg
can be smelt inside the bird's nest. This scent is created
by a valuable soluble protein.

23 Jan 2010