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 Item Closest to YouW00ki331244525 Feb 16 
 MusicW00ki3311151307 Jun 15 
 Kung FuryW00ki33958805 Jun 15 
 Donnie does in Chinagabrielxia...1527627 Jan 15 
 winter holidaysyasir khan1352127 Jan 15 
 Litrary Clubyasir khan15651503 Dec 14 
 sexiest website in Xiamenmosquito914428 Nov 14 
 Writing ThreadMevs635228 Nov 14 
 Sexiest Person in XiamenW00ki3310201201 Nov 14 
 The Wookiee Fan Dancing in FuzhouW00ki33618326 Sep 14 
 World Cup: Brazil's DefeatW00ki336521609 Jul 14 
 For all the beer loversAngelaWang590126 Feb 14 
 WOX Page 4 Boysrobertmorr...9211524 Feb 14 
 Favourite band or favourite song?AngelaWang8621507 Dec 13 
 Christmas Concertamoysue615003 Dec 13 
 Titty Twisterharkes19812026 Oct 13 
 Helen's Student NightW00ki331204613 Sep 13 
 A letter from Black to White :- pNovanyshao1136525 Aug 13 
 AWESOMENESS!!!!W00ki33739126 Jul 13 
 Wooki33 - the early yearsSpeculativ...1285512 May 13 
 Evil Dead Movie is BACK!martianxxx...10441307 Apr 13 
 Another joke from my friend. enjoy it.noel199113231712 Mar 13 
 Perhaps the greatest song everW00ki33892610 Mar 13 
 Two IT guys were chatting in a pub after worknoel199111701409 Mar 13 
 China has discovered one of the laws of the iW00ki331123220 Feb 13 
 A funny Case of Kiss and A Slap - must read inoel1991982817 Feb 13 
 Bloopers of the nighttigerh984509 Feb 13 
 The most beautiful girl of Chinese universitigrddddn35303608 Feb 13 
 Several racism jokesYoungSimpl...58203023 Jan 13 
 British actor calls an actress a dogNortherner23422712 Dec 12 
 Life of Pi. Recommanded!lolly0011021207 Dec 12 
 Life is too short!yasir khan20382801 Dec 12 
 Nationalities on WoxCarlito35175625 Nov 12 
 Grass mud horse up for sale in XiamenNortherner971323 Nov 12 
 Great NewsW00ki3311571321 Nov 12 
 Day of ReckoningW00ki33987217 Nov 12 

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