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 Who is the Better Candidate for President of ppan88881591301 Nov 16 
 Too Little, Too Lateppan88881410207 Sep 16 
 Another Day . . . Another Police Massacre in ppan88881427518 Jul 16 
 Deadly Intelligence that FEMA Wants to Keep Qppan88881235316 Jul 16 
 Pokemon GO Giving Hackers Direct Access to Yoppan88881383116 Jul 16 
 The Eiffel Tower is Engulfed in Flames as We ppan88881662615 Jul 16 
 Another Day . . . Another Terrorist Attack inppan88881223515 Jul 16 
 FBI Agents Believe An ‘Inside Deal’ Proteppan88881056214 Jul 16 
 Warning -- Day Of Rage On July 15th 2016 Acroppan88881323614 Jul 16 
 The UN Haque Tribunal Ruledppan88881278713 Jul 16 
 Another Day . . . Another Massacre Using Gunsppan88881138212 Jul 16 
 Pepsi Cola Has Decided to Reintroduce Diet Peppan88881022212 Jul 16 
 Cowboys will Always be Cowboysppan88881029509 Jul 16 
 Kra Canal in Southern Thailandppan88881207309 Jul 16 
 Do As I Say But Don't Do As I Doppan88881083708 Jul 16 
 How to Waste Taxpayers' Moneyppan8888987208 Jul 16 
 Is the Rule of Law Dead in America?ppan88881009407 Jul 16 
 May the 4th be with youlawang1026504 May 16 
 The Sneezing IncidentT-life1267219 Jan 16 
 Hulk Hogan for President?Turnipmunc...918118 Dec 15 
 House of Saud King Deadrobertmorr...1183323 Jan 15 
 Le Pen is Mightier than Le Swordrobertmorr...1164408 Jan 15 
 Chinese in Indonesiacap2121098330 Dec 14 
 Another Airplaneyasir khan11841029 Dec 14 
 "I'm putting wings on pigs today!"Carlito21111921 Dec 14 
 If You Could Be A Dictatorrobertmorr...682810 Oct 14 
 The Right to Die - Dying with Dignityrobertmorr...593310 Oct 14 
 5 Ways ISIS Can Reduce Its Carbon FootprintCarlito746323 Sep 14 
 What's your Evacuation Planrobertmorr...16941717 Sep 14 
 Are UK Women Stupid?robertmorr...9351302 Sep 14 
 Beheading Americans in the name of Islamrobertmorr...21322920 Aug 14 
 Will you Fight?robertmorr...9881418 Aug 14 
 New World Peace?robertmorr...11202302 Aug 14 
 Who is Worse: Obama vs. Bushrobertmorr...20423117 Jul 14 
 Who spreads his racist hate?ThomasJ12511109 May 14 
 What's your opinion on China's Train to the Urobertmorr...10561109 May 14 

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