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 Scottish 'food'Turnipmunc...1136612 Jan 16 
 Have you heard of the new Hotdog place?Mikes Hotd...1100813 May 15 
 Had it My Way!T-life12601112 May 15 
 The Customer is WRONG!T-life26603805 May 15 
 China's culinary cuisines - best places in Xiozgal1777428 Jan 15 
 1%: 50%-90%Turnipmunc...10941115 Oct 14 
 Favorite Recipe You Can Make in Chinarobertmorr...759922 Aug 14 
 nice dim sum at Swiss International!pkwouters803426 Jul 14 
 Good gin and tonic!pkwouters609626 Jul 14 
 Londener closed for England world cup gameJanTeller925820 Jun 14 
 My Opinion Doesn't Count?T-life720330 May 14 
 Best Thai restaurant, where and why?pkwouters807231 Mar 14 
 best Margarita with a view or by the beach?pkwouters841527 Mar 14 
 Best burger and chips in Xiamen?pkwouters14311627 Mar 14 
 Subway to remove chemical from breadCarlito981807 Feb 14 
 nice place for dinner at DA KOU japanese restlilyrose678125 Jan 14 
 Subway Meatball SubsW00ki3319363521 Jan 14 
 one hundred bakery.. what happened to your quCanada960625 Nov 13 
 Portuguese foodmabelette1604811 Nov 13 
 Open Letter to Pappy's Pizzarobertmorr...32904507 Aug 13 
 Red Armidillopkwouters785729 Jul 13 
 KFC gone KFChineserobertmorr...914416 Jul 13 
 Really, the best steak in China!ShymanChef18702023 Apr 13 
 Master Chef of Xiamen Sheraton Hotelbittersweet929602 Mar 13 
 Discovered a new Korean restaurantozgal955727 Feb 13 
 Learn on my mistakes...MrLoo10971025 Feb 13 
 Cooking popcorn in Chinese styleYoungSimpl...869022 Jan 13 
 The Londoner, am I missing something?glencornell728412320 Nov 12 
 Best eating experience in Chinapavelgumen...16191404 Nov 12 
 Western Food/Eating EstablishmentsTrekkie20591460819 Sep 12 
 I'm sick of the sh*tBull33423417 Sep 12 
 Andy's on Xiahe louCanada20562101 Sep 12 
 What the hell happened to Tuscany??Button37173519 Aug 12 
 Is this why Chinese just eat rice?rawr23342519 Jul 12 
 what do you think of Helen'shaijing120316051529 Jun 12 
 Best high-end Chinese restaurant in Xiamen?RedCynic1574817 Jun 12 

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