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 God: "Duterte is an As$hole"Sagan762128 Oct 16 
 Interesting American NPR Report on KinmenSagan778112 Sep 16 
 Xiamen ranks 3rd among top 10 cleanest citiesppan8888704125 Aug 16 
 TeamUSA wins Rio medals worth 10m2 in XM!Sagan811321 Aug 16 
 Beautiful EuropeSagan701315 Jul 16 
 Stupid People Need ValidationGoogalar1234925611 Jun 16 
 formosan subterranean termiteSagan782122 Apr 16 
 Hope vs. NopeSagan13061120 Mar 16 
 Belated Happy Women's DaySagan1083209 Mar 16 
 Goodbye Xiamen, Hello Lijiang Part 1Sagan1668619 Feb 16 
 The Lexicon of TerrorismSagan809307 Dec 15 
 What's That Sound? ;pSagan785202 Dec 15 
 Phuc Dat BichSagan877324 Nov 15 
 Mugabe wins $28,455,080* Confucius Peace PrizSagan824323 Oct 15 
 World's Greatest Coward Whines AgainSagan1048530 Sep 15 
 Hungarian Sovereignty VS. Migrant DesperationSagan30323117 Sep 15 
 US Heroes Hogtie Gun Toting Koran ThumperSagan839423 Aug 15 
 Hiroshima, Nagasaki, TianjinSagan812113 Aug 15 
 BLM Movement Shoots Itself in the FootSagan821309 Aug 15 
 A blue bee?Canada687629 Jul 15 
 Legalized Polygamy in the U.S.?Sagan994927 Jun 15 
 Your Predictions for Greece?Sagan898820 Jun 15 
 Can We Be Transracial?Sagan16961713 Jun 15 
 Remember this DaySagan758404 Jun 15 
 The King is DeadSagan840215 May 15 
 What's Your Favorite Pantone?Sagan805710 May 15 
 "He Didn't See It"Sagan746510 May 15 
 The Wookiee is BackSagan917817 Apr 15 
 Calico DownSagan830703 Apr 15 
 Black SnacksSagan753503 Apr 15 
 I, Russian OccupierSagan840306 Mar 15 
 Weird incident today......shouldn't there be lizzyg1209904 Mar 15 
 SpockSagan975828 Feb 15 
 Good Samaritan SpottedSagan1148309 Feb 15 
 Putin Go HomeSagan16011203 Feb 15 
 number one hospital my ass!Canada14881101 Feb 15 

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