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 Goodbye Xiamen, Hello LiJiang Part 2EchoAmoy963413 Jul 17 
 Is there anyone moderating WOX?Penny_XM714430 Jun 17 
 Donald Trump Meets Xi Jinping Today in Floridarsharma985711322 Jun 17 
 Xiamen ranks 3rd among top 10 cleanest citiesalhusna1113320 Apr 17 
 Too Little, Too LateAlexx1137221 Mar 17 
 Chinese vs. PRChineseImperialCollege18092114 Mar 17 
 Who is Worse: Obama vs. BushImperialCollege18703114 Mar 17 
 Who is the Better Candidate for President of playerhot1244210 Feb 17 
 God: "Duterte is an As$hole"MisterWoo1334431 Jan 17 
 Happy Spring FestivalSagan984127 Jan 17 
 Total Liestoozy1181122 Jan 17 
 Train Stations in Chinameadc912109 Dec 16 
 termite , respond to saganmeadc1015609 Dec 16 
 Anyone else got a private message from Greg Sharkes13281108 Dec 16 
 Trump's First CabinetTheHumanFly1089122 Nov 16 
 Who is the Better Candidate for Becoming Presppan888813261201 Nov 16 
 Why western media has so much prejuice about OnceUponAYear11661004 Oct 16 
 Interesting American NPR Report on Kinmenppan88881162113 Sep 16 
 Is America Truly That "Great" as People Like TheHumanFly991312 Sep 16 
 Another Day . . . Another Police Massacre in robertmorrison1188506 Sep 16 
 Be Careful What You Sign.robertmorrison1195306 Sep 16 
 TeamUSA wins Rio medals worth 10m2 in XM!cap2121106330 Aug 16 
 Buy Back Guarantee from Tesla Motors on Theirtaodog1068422 Jul 16 
 Another Day . . . Another Terrorist Attack inchoilee1003520 Jul 16 
 The Eiffel Tower is Engulfed in Flames as We Sagan1291519 Jul 16 
 Deadly Intelligence that FEMA Wants to Keep QWOXTeam1019319 Jul 16 
 Warning -- Day Of Rage On July 15th 2016 AcroSagan1137619 Jul 16 
 Beautiful Europechoilee1003318 Jul 16 
 FBI Agents Believe An ‘Inside Deal’ Protechoilee859115 Jul 16 
 The UN Haque Tribunal Ruledchoilee1071714 Jul 16 
 Do As I Say But Don't Do As I Dochoilee896713 Jul 16 
 Pepsi Cola Has Decided to Reintroduce Diet Pechoilee820113 Jul 16 
 Another Day . . . Another Massacre Using Gunsppan8888978212 Jul 16 
 Cowboys will Always be CowboysSagan870511 Jul 16 
 Stupid People Need ValidationRickyMan1078611 Jul 16 
 Kra Canal in Southern Thailandppan8888933209 Jul 16 

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