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 redcy&wooki mentalityyasir khan572711802 Jul 14 
 Hate on WOXW00ki33879610815 Apr 12 
 What do you think?loverforever79248524 Sep 12 
 US embassy's Thanksgiving Weibo got angry repNortherner74708320 Nov 12 
 Chinese children peeing in publicnavman150488120 Aug 12 
 physical love or spiritual love?yasir khan59508001 Nov 13 
 hypocrite peopleyasir khan67677514 Jun 12 
 Subway is on the GO!!!!!martianxxx...74987405 Jan 12 
 Dirty, dirty, dirty Xiamenxiamen60278747103 Apr 12 
 My Place breakfastrpkbrt61746522 Jan 13 
 You're WelcomeW00ki3341556402 May 12 
 Shaking that a*sMrKent42166320 May 12 
 What makes a man handsome/attractive/sexy?martianxxx...52806029 Feb 12 
 Recommend Best Horror/Thriller movieskoushik34476018 Mar 12 
 YES! i do mind you pushing in when there is afffcharm86075927 Mar 11 
 I just got back from TaiwanMrKent53435917 Jun 12 
 Hong Kong on edge.....RedCynic29825728 Sep 14 
 Nationalities on WoxCarlito36375625 Nov 12 
 Why The Chinese Don't Smile at Strangerslolly0044885602 Jan 13 
 dog + Chinese = pathetic!MrKent35275609 Jan 13 
 Anti-Japanese Protest in XiamenSenti39475516 Sep 12 
 Je Suis CharlieSagan34645308 Jan 15 
 Nice warm hearted Chinese traditional gentlelNovanyshao35395210 Jul 13 
 The art of nappingPenny_XM25985018 May 12 
 Dating tipsAngelaWang33385004 Nov 13 
 Melissa Bachman - What a *untSagan25795018 Nov 13 
 The 3 most shocking things for Chinese in theJantrao87824910 May 11 
 Talk to strange foreigners ?EminStone35804914 Mar 12 
 Loudness!!Button35104801 Dec 11 
 What makes a woman attractive?c7952431564824 Feb 12 
 Chinese choosing weird english namesnavman33004802 Apr 12 
 China - Japan. Make love not war.MrKent167944810 May 12 
 Women DON'T get pregnant from legitimate rapeCarlito37664820 Aug 12 
 Why don't Chinese like music?FuzhouFrank33844724 Apr 12 
 Hey laowai!lolly0031724716 May 12 
 If you want to date or are dating a Chinese GJanexie000869504724 Sep 12 

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