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 Which China do you prefer - old or new?laowai184221913 May 11 
 China - Japan. Make love not war.MrKent148194510 May 12 
 Chinese children peeing in publicnavman133828020 Aug 12 
 Is edible bird nest that really good for healxinwenman11133323 Jan 10 
 The agony of being rich, young and beautiful Forrest110372031 Mar 10 
 Girl going naked at modelling contest (video)harkes89811326 Nov 10 
 The 3 most shocking things for Chinese in theJantrao81674910 May 11 
 Hate on WOXW00ki33814310815 Apr 12 
 YES! i do mind you pushing in when there is afffcharm80225927 Mar 11 
 Unfriendly foreigners? Why?curiouspete78853803 Dec 09 
 What do you think?loverforever73658524 Sep 12 
 Dirty, dirty, dirty Xiamenxiamen60272697103 Apr 12 
 Subway is on the GO!!!!!martianxxx...69357405 Jan 12 
 US embassy's Thanksgiving Weibo got angry repNortherner68528320 Nov 12 
 Worst gym in Xaimenf1racing6569214 Sep 08 
 hypocrite peopleyasir khan61507514 Jun 12 
 What were the 3 most shocking things for you sociopath60894228 Apr 11 
 Several racism jokesYoungSimpl...58003023 Jan 13 
 If you want to date or are dating a Chinese GJanexie000857214724 Sep 12 
 My Place breakfastrpkbrt56326522 Jan 13 
 Beijing to Xiamen By Bicycle!ChinaTopCat54732228 Apr 11 
 physical love or spiritual love?yasir khan54158001 Nov 13 
 redcy&wooki mentalityyasir khan523811802 Jul 14 
 How rude was this Guy...judycwh51783606 Nov 10 
 I just got back from TaiwanMrKent51085917 Jun 12 
 What makes a man handsome/attractive/sexy?martianxxx...50996029 Feb 12 
 why does news media exaggerate the truth Penny_XM44531304 Jun 11 
 You can help updating on China visa situationWOXTeam4445124 Jun 08 
 Why The Chinese Don't Smile at Strangerslolly0042495502 Jan 13 
 Nanny, Ayi, maid.... Good news...judycwh4213207 Nov 10 
 F*ck Starbucksoldspicemax41984009 Jan 11 
 Shaking that a*sMrKent40846320 May 12 
 You're WelcomeW00ki3340116402 May 12 
 About Rickymanshufu40012325 Dec 15 
 Is WOX a Monopoly?bluecatx0038992318 Oct 12 
 Wear same clothes for a week without changingmaori38202810 Apr 12 

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