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Euro Medium Company Ltd

Company Introduction:
Ferrero Rocher T8, T4, T48 ,T30 ,T24 ,T48 chocolate We are a large and worldwide distributors of Ferrero rocher chocolates.FERRERO ROCHER CRISP HAZELNUT AND MILK CHOCOLATE-COVERED SPECIALITY, WITH A SMOOTH FILLING AND A WHOLE HAZELNUT Specifications Product Name: Ferrero rocher packing ERRERO ROCHER T3 X16X 6 PIECES PER BOX 96 BOXES PER PALLET 55 PALLET PER TRUCK 33 ROCHER FERRERO T16 x125 5 pcs per box 225 boxes per pallet 33 pallet per truck FERRERO ROCHER T24X 4 PACKAGED X24 X 4 BOXES OF 112 PER PALELT 33 PALLETX 112 CASES PER TRUCK FERRERO DIAMANTE T24X 60 PACKAGED IN 4 X 24X 60 PIECES PER BOXES 60 PALLET OF 4 MASTER CASES FERRERO T25X5 PCS PER BOXES 5 PALLET OF 144 CASES PALLET 33 PER TRUCK FERRERO ROCHER T 30X 3 X24 PIECES PER PACK 12 BOXES PER PALLET 60 PALLET PER TRUCK 33 FERRERO PRESTIGE T21X4 - 246g FERRERO COLLECTION T15X6 - 172g FERRERO COLLECTION T24X4 - 269g RAFFAELLO T15X6 - 150g RAFFAELLO T24X6 BIALY MAJ - 240g RAFFAELLO T23X8 - 230g RAFFAELLO T4X16X4 - 40g KINDER SURPRISE T1X72 - 20g KINDER JOY KINDER MAXI T1X36X8 - 21g KINDER MAXI T6X20 - 126g KINDER COUNTRY T1X40 - 23.5g KINDER COUNTRY T4X20 - 94g KINDER BUENO T2X30 - 43g KINDER BUENO MINI T20X18 - 108g KINDER DELICE KAKAO T1X20 - 42g KINDER DELICE KOKOS T1X20 - 42g KINDER K.MLECZNA KANAPKA T1X20 - 28g KINDER MLECZNA KANAPKA T1X40 - 28g KINDER PINGUI KOKOS T1X30 - 30g KINDER PINGUI KAKAO T1X30 - 30g KINDER PINGUI KAKAO T8X6 - 240g KINDER MAXI KING T1X30 - 35g Kindly revery back to us or visit our official website at www.euromediumcoltd.co.uk for further information

H.S. Code:

Contact Information:

Address : 562 405 Kings Road

Tel: 442032870306

Website: http://

Email: sales@euromediumcoltd.co.uk

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