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Desku™ Group, Inc.

Company Introduction:
Desku™ Group Incorporated's core activities are in the food & beverages industry. We are a US based company with partners in EU, holding the general importing rights for Asia of a number of well known all natural, organic European food and beverage product lines. At Desku™ Group, Inc. we synchronize consumer needs with strategic marketing in addition to partnering with companies that produce the highest quality natural and organic products. Our innovative approach to market analysis and business processes differentiate Desku™ Group, Inc. from other companies.

Our company also deals in other commodities including rubber, lumber, scrap metal, textiles and stone. Through our partner company we also carry a substantial list of pharmaceutical products for human and animal use.

Desku™ Group, Inc. has offices on three continents: Europe, America and Asia. The European business has a strong distribution network from the EU and North America to Asia, bringing consumers in international markets closer together. Desku™ Group, Inc. has formed strong strategic alliances in individual markets and its distributing partners' products through a well developed distribution network. We strive to be eco-friendly by promoting as much as possible products which are organic and healthy, use renewable resources and try to minimize our carbon footprint by streamlining the delivery process to make it as efficient as possible.

Contact Information:

Address : 7206 Seventh Avenue

Zip: 11209

Tel: +1 646 436 1464

Fax: +1 866 211 7857

Website: http://www.deskugroup.com

Email: kd@deskugroup.com

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