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Xiamen Hualian Electronics Co., Ltd

Company Introduction:
Company business:
1. Semiconductor optp-electronic devices: Photo module for anfrared remote control syetem, Infrared LED, TOP LED, LED digital display
2. LED lighting devices: Full-colored element lamp tube board, High power projection light, buried light, Lawn light, Under-water light, Full-colored LED element screen
3. Medical electronic product: Electronic blood pressure monitor
4. Microcomputer controllers and remote controllers

Contact Information:

Address : Hualian Elec.Bldg, Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development District. Xiamen, China

C–Address: 厦门火炬高技术产区开发区华联电子大厦

Tel: +86-592-2950777

Fax: +86-592-5718536

Website: www.xmhl.com

Email: zhaoming@xmhl.com.cn

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