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Xiamen Leedarson Lighting Co., Ltd

Company Introduction:
The company business: LEEDARSON LIGHTING, a manufacturer of energy-saving and LED lights, offers end-to-end private label services from raw materials procurement to final packaging. We own powerful research team and mighty production capability. And our customers are from over 60 countries and regions of the world.

Contact Information:

Address : Leedarson Bldg., No. 1511, 2nd Fanghu North Road, Huli District, Xiamen

C–Address: 厦门市湖里区枋湖北二路1511号立达信楼

Tel: +86-592-3699963

Fax: +86-592-3988108

Website: www.leedarson.com

Email: enquiry@leedarson.com

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