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Xiamen Xiangyu Camphill Technology Co. Ltd

Company Introduction:
In 1996, Camphill Technology came to Xiamen from Malaysia and registered the company at Xiamen XiangYu Free Trade Zone. She began working in the field of environmental control. In 1998, the Company narrowed the focus in the field of micro-contamination and electrostatic control.

Today, Camphill Technology has become an integrated supplier covering particulates, antistatic and sterile control, safety protection, and food packaging. Our products and services are needed by electronics, semiconductors, bio- pharmacy, food and other industries.

As we acquired more business using our base at XiangYu Free Trade Zone, we set up more factories in Jiaxing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Xiamen Mainland ,Dongguan.

In addition, we also established offices and stock Center in Shanghai, ChengDu, Suzhou, which mainly engaged in sales and storage. However, we maintain our office and warehouse in Penang, Malaysia.

Contact Information:

Address : No. 171, Siming Park Tong'an Industrial Concentration Tong’an, Xiamen, Fujian, China.

C–Address: 厦门同安工业集中区思明园171号

Tel: +86 592-7393150

Fax: +86 592-5627506

Website: www.camphilltech.com

Email: Sales@camphilltech.com

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