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  Questions Author Views Ans Date
 looking for a sex partnerxiamenlover75106 Jul 17 
 Looking to get laidbajgurd299013 Apr 17 
 to Xiamen girlsbajgurd279008 Apr 17 
 No Strings Dating Guy - Lots of FunTaoboy264007 Apr 17 
 Visiting couple looking for funMatiasAndH349010 Feb 17 
 Visiting couple looking for funMatiasAndH336010 Feb 17 
 HUGS!!Stark447130 Dec 16 
 looking for new friendsashely411028 Dec 16 
 Are there any Swinger couples in Xiamen? :)NiceCouple567218 Nov 16 
 Looking for girls in Xiamen, Xiang anLeon Go543005 Nov 16 
 Ask for a language Exchang girlleo548027 Sep 16 
 need girls hang outAlllen735028 Jul 16 
 Looking for non-string relationshipTTFour904031 May 16 
 looking to marrylila974209 May 16 
 Looking for a ladyChris924206 May 16 
 Would like to make friendsHappyHappy1016207 Apr 16 
 Looking for ladies to hang out.assa8945791015 Mar 16 
 Looking for friends hang out railway park i...May -Spring906026 Feb 16 
 Single and seeking - and you?shadowgirl965326 Feb 16 
 Looking for a waitress to work in MaldivesMaldiveJobs849103 Feb 16 
 very very very warm long huglilabird997823 Jan 16 
 Looking for some casual funsugarcane8895107 Jan 16 
 looking for a girlfriendness786003 Jan 16 
 come on ..let be a friendPerfect872127 Nov 15 
 Looking for Chinese Friend (Girls+women)crazy964222 Nov 15 
 Wants a friend but should be girlsJason883522 Nov 15 
 I am new here,want to make friendly friendsCamille922310 Nov 15 
 Need english readers females onlyanup802018 Oct 15 
 New to XiamenFromnz957123 Sep 15 
 New to XiamenFromnz940022 Sep 15 
 New in XiamenNew in Xiamen945106 Sep 15 
 Seaching for a white lady for everlasting r...Bond751004211 Jun 15 
 Aussie businessman seeks companionAussie man989028 May 15 
 Happy massage in xiamenFlyzone2000215 May 15 
 seeking female friend in Xiamendred1039213 May 15 
 Movie Daterainoverme1120110 Apr 15 
 Meet new friends!Theoneandromeda1281408 Apr 15 
 warm long hugslilaweiss1281712 Mar 15 
 REAL FRIENDSDorothy1289124 Feb 15 
 Temporary boyfriend for spring festivalFor HIRE1577514 Feb 15 
 american bull out for funleplagua1371506 Jan 15 
 Seeking for my divinely sent wifeabates1251121 Dec 14 
 take him or reject himapple1457210 Nov 14 
 Making Friends in XiamenVoodoo1508124 Oct 14 
 Hey you...yes you...c'mere...check this outAbby1570303 Oct 14 

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