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Apple Travel Agency

Welcome to the Apple Travel™ - an exciting concept in searching and booking travel, hotel, car and holiday packages in China, the Asia Pacific and the world. With the...
Tel: 0592-5053122   Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Crowne Plaza Paragon-Asian Delights (Thai, Japanese and Teppanyaki Restaurant)

The newly opened Asian Delights Restaurant offers a top class dining experiences with authentic Thai, Japanese and Teppanyaki cuisine in down town. Our Thai, Japanese and...
Tel: (86)592 5399999 Ext.   Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Crowne Plaza Paragon Xiamen

Located in the heart of Xiamen’s commercial and business district, Crowne Plaza Paragon Xiamen is only 15 minutes drive to Xiamen International Airport and Xiamen...
Tel: 86-592-5399999   Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Marco Polo Xiamen Hotel

Marco Polo Xiamen uniquely blends the grace of ancient China with today’s modernity. It is the best address for a business traveller- a home away from home with legendary...
Tel: 0592-5091888   Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Xiamen Seaview Resort

Seaview Resort Xiamen is situated beside scenic seashores, and lies at the foot of the mountain and frontage to the ocean, which is a desirable resort with luxury facilities for...
Tel: 0592-5023333   Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen

Located in downtown Xiamen which is a major shopping and business district, the hotel is only minutes away on foot to the ferry to Gulangyu Island. Several major tourist...
Tel: 86-592-202 3333   Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Pan Pacific Xiamen

Located in the heart of Xiamen’s financial and entertainment district, the Pan Pacific Xiamen hotel allows you to indulge in modern luxury; this idyllic resort is also home to...
Tel: +86 592 5078888   Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Mr. Q Italian-French Restaurant

Mr. Q Italian-French Restaurant, the first Italian-French restaurant in Xiamen has officially opened on 6th of June. It is located at the 4th floor of the Xiamen International...
Tel: 0592-2030100   Posted On 27 Feb 2013

Xiamen Dakou Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine has become more popular in China and throughout the world. Dakou Japanese Restaurant has been well-known in Xiamen and is quite popular among Japanese food...
Tel: 0592-5316577 531   Posted On 16 Dec 2013

Women's Clothing Wholesale is a women's fashion apparel manufacturer factory in China specialized in the design and production of woman's clothing. We started humble in 2004 by a group of...
Tel: 0086-592-3780850   Posted On 27 Feb 2013
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City: Xiamen         District: Huli       Type: Massage, Beauty & Spa
Phone: 17750581541 [Taxi Card]
Address:Villa #277, Huataiyuan, Haitian Road, Huli District, Xiamen (opposite to the main gate of Huli Park) - Co. Registration ,Visas ,Translations

City: Xiamen         District: Siming       Type: Professional Services
Phone: (0592)2295780/ 2295713;18650045062/17750660905 [Taxi Card]
Address:Room 303, 98 Qiancunpu Str., Siming District, Xiamen City (In the vicinity of the Exhibition Centre)

Port Coffee

City: Xiamen         District: Siming       Type: Bars, Cafes & Clubs
Phone: 18150094185 [Taxi Card]
Address:Shapowei Art Zone, 60 Daxue Road, Siming District, Xiamen

The Coffee Club

City: Xiamen         District:       Type: Bars, Cafes & Clubs
Phone: 0592-5312246/0592-5039507 [Taxi Card]
Address:Shop10,Jixiang Jiayuan, No.1 Jianye Road, Hu binbei Road/Shop114 No,12 Hongwen Avenue 7

DeYiTang Traditional Chinese Medical Nursing Center

City:         District:       Type: Art & Culture
Phone: 0592-5311658/ 0592-5066776 [Taxi Card]
Address:No.54-4 Yundang Road, lakefront store of the Ganglong Huayuan Residential Community (Near Marco Polo Hotel)

Fuyuan Teahouse

City: Xiamen         District:       Type: Others
Phone: 15985889988 [Taxi Card]
Address:No.29-7 Dongpingshan Road,Siming District,Xiamen

La Vue Bistro & Lounge

City: Xiamen         District: Siming       Type: Bars, Cafes & Clubs
Phone: 0592- 2115757 [Taxi Card]
Address:M403, 4th floor Xinlinghui Square, No.18 Lujiangdao, Siming District, Xiamen

Xiamen General Fitness Center

City: Xiamen         District:       Type: Gyms & Sports
Phone: 0592-5102892 [Taxi Card]
Address:The second floor of the Qixing Lifespace Center on Qixingxi Road.

FatFat Beer Horse

City: Xiamen         District:       Type: Bars, Cafes & Clubs
Phone: Felix:13225033774 [Taxi Card]
Address:Inside Shapowei Art Center, Daxue Lu 153, Sha Po Wei 60,Xiamen

Han Yang Guan Korean Restaurant (Binbei Branch)

City: Xiamen         District: Siming       Type: Restaurants
Phone: 0592-5096131/ 0592-5096132 [Taxi Card]
Address:Mingfa Branch: 3rd Floor Dongchen Hotel,Jiahe Road,Siming District
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turtle valley pet shop & hacker space

We are a pet shop that don\'t sell pets, as we encourage adoption. We sell products both imported and exported, all of them have fully functional demo for you or your pet to play with...
Address: Basement G385, Ming Fa plaza, Lian Ban, Si Min District   Posted On 01 Jan 1970

Xiamen Mandarin Fun School

Since 2008 XIAMEN MENDARIN FUN SCHOOL is officially a professional school, which teaches Chinese languages in an immersing way in Xiamen. We provide various kinds of courses...
Address: Room2304, Building #4, Shi Ji Hai Wan, North Hubin Road   Posted On 01 Jan 1970

EasyMandarin Chinese school

EasyMandarin school is a professional Mandarin & Culture Learning Centre in Xiamen.Catered in the heart of Xiamen, located in Marco -polo area. EasyMandarin is a...
Address: BlockA Zhongxin building NO.29 north of Hubin road Xiamen city   Posted On 01 Jan 1970


Modern Chinese has been specialized in teaching Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) as a second language for over seven years. There are thousands of students from all over the world...
Address: North Hubin Road 27#   Posted On 01 Jan 1970

Pappy's pizza & pie

Alex Papp, an Australian-Hungarian, has opened Papp’s pizza and pie in 2008. The restaurant specializes in a few dishes you won't find anywhere else. Such as authentic...
Address: 918-16 Eastern Lian Qian Road Si Ming District   Posted On 01 Jan 1970

Sky Avenues int'l kindergarten banshan branch

Our school address as following 以下是我们学校地址: Sky Avenues International Kindergarten- Royal Hill...
Address: Royal Hill Residence 75 Qiao Yue Li,Siming District,Xiamen   Posted On 01 Jan 1970

Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy

Qiyi Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi Academy, hoping you will join us Key Words: Chinese Kung Fu / Tai Chi/ Nan Chuan/Free Combat /Sword/Knife/Spear/Cudgel At Qiyi Chinese...
Address: F4, Fukang Buliding , 112 Jiahe Road ,Siming Distict (near Lushan Hotel )   Posted On 01 Jan 1970


Coffee Shop and Bakery.. 2 star rating Look nice well set up great uniforms... Cleanliness and hygiene are major issues for me.. I went an purchased some coffee...
Address: Ruijing California Plaza   Posted On 01 Jan 1970

Bistro 21

Bistro 21 is a causal dinning restaurant located in Haicang. Bistro specializes in rare steak, seafood, pizza, risotto and wine. ...
Address: 21 Binhu East Road, Haicang, Xiamen   Posted On 01 Jan 1970

Mike's Hotdogs & Beers

Mike's Hotdogs & Beers offers two different homemade sausages and 6 different types of hotdogs to choose from. All on fresh baked hotdog buns with homemade toppings and...
Address: Daxue Lu 15, Shapowei   Posted On 01 Jan 1970
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In purpose of more favourable cooperation we make a good offer on our services!1.7% Discount and Free invitation letter for Chinese business visa, when ordering whole complex...
Address: Room 303, 98 Qiancunpu Str., Siming District, Xiamen City (In the vicinity of the Exhibition Centre)   Posted On 15 Jun 2015

Casual afternoon tea & Business Lunch in YOFOYO

Address: 18 LuJiang Road, XinLingHui GuangChang, Xiamen   Posted On 27 Sep 2013

Geo Geo Cafe's special offer on set menus

Set Menu is available for dinner Monday - Sunday from 17:00 until 21:00. Your choice three course only 128 RMB....
Address: No.3-1 Yundang Road,Siming District, Xiamen   Posted On 07 Aug 2013

Run My Way Club

Special offer: To the 6th anniversary and thank all bikers for their love and support, from August 1st 2013 ~ August 15th 2013, buy any kind of TREK bike you can receive free bike...
Address: Shop43-45, Wenzao Street, Xiamen   Posted On 12 Aug 2013

New discount at Beecomb

Address: Unit 101B Foreign Trade Mansion,No.97 Hubin North Road   Posted On 04 Jun 2013

Bamboo House provides some special discounts during the week

Address: No.378, Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Xiamen   Posted On 23 Apr 2013

New Discounts at Bellissima Restaurant & Cafe

Address: 15# Zengcuoan, Huandao Road, Siming District, Xiamen   Posted On 05 Apr 2013

Happy hour at V58 Restaurant

Address: 104, No.27, Hubinbei Road, behind KFC   Posted On 21 Mar 2013

Lady's Night at Jacky Angela Steak House on Fridays

In celebration of its opening in Xiamen and the upcoming International Women's Day, the American steakhouse Jacky Angela Steakhouse is offering great benefits for the...
Address: International Cruise Center Xiamen 2-0102, Dong Gang Lu 361012   Posted On 17 Mar 2013

New taste at Pier 9 as year 2013 begins

Business Lunch Ferry 48 RMB Business Lunch (6 options) The 6 options: Pan seared chicken leg with mushroom sauce + rice; Braised beef in red wine sauce + rice; Hungarian...
Address: No. 9 Hexiangxi 2 Road, Xiamen (Huaqiaohaijingcheng located along Lujiangdao)   Posted On 14 Mar 2013
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Cheap boutique replica Rolex value for money

BRAVO! please let me motivate you? While we may have been right on certain predictions though, The Rolex Baselworld 2017 Collection could potentially include a pink gold /...
Contact:   Posted On 21 Apr 2017

Foreigners can learn Chinese Painting and Chinese Calligraphy

Contact:   Posted On 17 Feb 2017

Mandarin Unlimited 2017: Semester classes are:

Mandarin Unlimited 2017: Semester classes (Student Visa sponsored) are: 1. Immersion Class 2. Basic Spoken Chinese Crash Class 3. Business Chinese...
Contact:   Posted On 17 Feb 2017

Timberland leather shoes for sale.

Hi, Last month I bought a pair a Timberland leather shoes in Paris. But unfortunately I took the wrong size, they are too big for me. They have never been used. Plein toe...
Contact: wechat [grandguich],    Posted On 17 Nov 2016

Montessori Academy Kindergarten (Xiangbin lu Campus)

Montessori Academy Xiamen Campus is opening soon in Si Ming district. We use Montessori education concept to help and exploit children’s greatest potential in a pleasant,...
Contact: Shuka,    Posted On 06 Sep 2016

SUBWAY® Store Grand Opening

The new Subway® Store in Xiamen will be opened on September,10th ,2016 in One Park Shopping Mall,Wu Yuan Wan(五缘湾湾悦城商场).During the grand opening...
Contact: Miss Zhang,    Posted On 06 Sep 2016

Free baby hip seat carrier given

Hi parents, We are doing business and selling our baby hip seat carriers on Amazon. We would like to give our premium product which worth USD 59 for free, if you provide your...
Contact: ,  13860139005   Posted On 01 Sep 2016

part time job

is there people who out of Asia looking for a part time job? Our company will pay 500RMB per hour and each time probably need 20 hours. Main job is try our clothing to show our...
Contact: weichat \dannyjxj,    Posted On 24 Aug 2016

Old town coffee to let go

I have old town coffee to let go. Pm me if interested. The stocks that i have Hazelnut- 12 packets Less sugar- 36 packets 2 in 1 creamer- 8 packets Mocha- 14...
Contact:   Posted On 07 Jul 2016

Euro Cup 2016 Soccer Games @FatFat Beer Horse

Euro Cup 2016 Games 2 GAMES EVERY NIGHT 9:00 PM & 12:00 AM Fat Fat Beer Horse fat fat screen on the roof, if raining we project it inside! Sorry guys, the 3...
Contact: Felix,  13225033774   Posted On 12 Jun 2016
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