Top 10 celebrity drug users

Updated: 2010-07-05
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Editor's note: Drug abuse can catapult celebrities to notorious fame overnight, as well as serve as a catastrophe that devastates their careers. Here we compile 10 celebrity drug busts in recent years to highlight the severe damage of drug use.
Hsiao Shushen
What a shame that drugs turned this pretty young lady into a wretched drug addict. For her vivacious look and sexy figure, Hsiao rose to stardom in 2001, played various roles in TV dramas and released two albums. The latest news about her is that the Taipei District Court sentenced Hsiao to one and half years in prison for repeated drug use on June 11, 2010.
Man Wenjun
Senior pop singer Man Wenjun was arrested for taking dancing outreach while celebrating his wife's birthday with friends in May 2009. This immediately hit headlines nationwide and caused astonishment. The low-profile singer once enjoyed a good reputation for his hit songs and unaffected personality, but this incident devastated his public image. Currently, Man devotes himself to public welfare undertakings, showing signs of repentance.
Yu Bing-hsian
Da Bing, a Taiwanese entertainer whose full name is Yu Bing-hsian, brought us a lot of laughter for his comic performances, but he would never admit his repeated drug use on screen. Da Bing claimed he took drugs for weight-loss. Anyone believe that?
Chen Shaohua
Mainland pop singer Chen Shaohua gained fame in the middle 1990s and was taken into five-day custody for his use of drugs (ice), which captured public attention nationwide. Chen claimed he just sampled a little out of curiosity and his friends' incitement, and regrets his drug use.
Hu Gua
Hu Gua, a famous Taiwanese TV host, admitted to a history of bhang use after the police found 30 grams of the drug in the ceiling of his house in 2007. Consequently, Hu's hosting career suffered tremendous hindrances and new hosts took over several of his popular TV programs.
Jill Vidal (Wei Shi)
Hong Kong-based singer Jill Vidal (Wei Shi) was arrested in Tokyo on Feb 24, 2009 for marijuana possession. The cops later found more illegal drugs, believe to be heroin, in Jill’s luggage. Jill was charged for illegal drug behvarior by Japanese authorities. This ended her promising career.
Zhang Yuan
Chinese director Zhang Yuan, with Green Tea and Little Red Flowers as his feature films, was detained for allegedly using illegal drugs after police officers raided his home in Beijing in January 2008. Zhang mended his ways by hard working. In October 2008, Zhang released his new film Dada's Dance as a new start in his life.
William So (Su Yongkang)
So Hong Hong actor and singer William So (Su Yongkang), famous for his love ballads, became a drug victim at the cost of his happy marriage and thriving musical career. The 41-year-old entertainer regarded his drug use as inexcusable, and his career never regained its momentum.
Xie Dong
Pop singer Xie Dong, who became a hit in the middle 1990s for his signature song Smile Face, was arrested for drugs and sent to a rehabilitation center in 2007. To the public's disappointment, Xie was detained again in 2008 for repeated drug use. After getting control of of his addiction, Xie became optimistic about the life and plans to shoot publicity videos promoting a ban on drugs.
Tuo Zongkang
Taiwan entertainer Tuo Zongkang admitted smoking marijuana at a public conference with tears of regrets in 2006, regarding it as the worst moral shortcoming. Although Tuo has resumed his hosting career, his record of drug use will never leave him.
SOURCE: China Daily


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