10 scariest movies for 2010 Halloween

Updated: 2010-10-28
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Halloween is fast approaching. Many people will be out trick or treating, going to Halloween costume parties and having fun wearing the best 2010 Halloween Costumes ever. There are also many who want to stay home and watch the scariest Halloween movies.
DVD rentals for Halloween movies always go up at this time. People want to see the best Halloween film out there to scare themselves and their girls for a fun Halloween fright fest.
Here are the top 10 scariest Halloween movies of all time. Do be careful as these are really scary Halloween movies that can frighted even those made of stone. Parental guidance is advised for the young ones thingking about watching these scary Halloween Films.
The updated list for the top 10 best Halloween movie list for Halloween 2010 is:
1. The Shining
Frustrated writer Jack Torrance takes a job as the winter caretaker at the ominous, mountain-locked Overlook Hotel so that he can write in peace. When he arrives there with his wife and son, they learn that the previous caretaker had gone mad. Slowly Jack becomes possessed by the evil, demonic presence in the hotel...
2. Psycho
When a woman is discovered as missing--last seen at the infamous Bates Motel in the desert--her sister and boyfriend visit the place only to find it run by a voyeuristic, taxidermist loner whose possessed by his dead mother and dresses himself up like her, adopting her personality.
3. The Innocents
A spinster governess must fight the spirits of her dead predecessor and lover for the souls of two orphan children.
4. The Omen (2006)
Robert Thorn is a senior American diplomat whose wife, Katherine, endures a difficult delivery where their newborn child has died. Thorn knows the news will devastate Katherine, who had suffered two previous miscarriages. The hospital priest presents Thorn with another child born that night, whose mother died in childbirth. The priest compels Thorn to take the infant boy as his own; Katherine will never know the truth, and their son, which they name Damien, will be raised as their flesh and blood. As the child turns five, unsettling events begin to occur: Damien¿s nanny hangs herself at the youngster¿s birthday party; a strange priest brings dire warnings to Thorn; a children¿s trip to the zoo results in a panicked frenzy; Damien becomes hysterical during a drive to church; and blurred movements in a series of photographs portend shocking deaths. Enter Mrs. Baylock, Damien¿s new nanny, who seems to have a preordained devotion to the child. Then tragedy strikes closer to home. But only later does Thorn comprehend the truth: Damien is no ordinary child; he is the long-prophesized Anti-Christ. Now, Thorn must make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the unspeakable terror that awaits the world.
5. Rosemary’s Baby
Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow), a bright but somewhat naive young housewife, and Guy (John Cassavetes), her husband and a struggling actor, move into the Bramford, a Gothic, 19th century New York City apartment building with a history of unsavory tenants and mysterious events. Their neighbors are an elderly and slightly eccentric couple, Minnie and Roman Castevet (Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer), who tend to be meddlesome but seem harmless. Guy becomes unusually close to the pair while Rosemary tries to maintain a distance from them. Guy lands a role in a play when the actor originally cast suddenly and inexplicably goes blind. Soon afterward, Guy suggests that he and Rosemary have the child they had planned. On the night they plan to try to conceive, Minnie brings them individual ramekins of chocolate mousse, but Rosemary finds hers has a chalky under-taste and surreptitiously throws it away after a few mouthfuls. Shortly afterward, she has a dizzy spell and passes out. She experiences what she perceives to be a strange dream in which she is raped by a demonic presence…..
6. The Blair Witch Project
Three student documentary filmmakers venture into Maryland's Black Hills to discover the truth behind the myth of the Blair Witch - and never return. The only trace of their disappearance comes one year later when their film footage, documenting their final terrifying days, is found.
7. Poltergeist
In her family's suburban home, ghosts begin communicating with five-year-old Carol Anne through the static on the television screen. At first the spirits seem to be friendly, but using the television as their portal to enter the house, they kidnap Carol Anne. As her desperate family tries to rescue the little girl, they are terrorized by the ghosts and their the demonic leader, The Beast.
8. Jacob’s Ladder
Jacob Singer (Robbins) is a U.S. soldier deployed in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War. When the story begins, helicopters are passing overhead, carrying supplies for what seems to be preparations for a big Viet Cong offensive. Without any warning, Jacob's unit comes under heavy fire. The soldiers try to take cover but begin to exhibit strange behavior for no apparent reason. Jacob attempts to escape the unexplained insanity, only to be stabbed with a bayonet by an unseen person…..
9. The Haunting
Hill House was built 130 years ago by a textile baron for his wife and children that they would never have. Instead it was filled with stories of tragedy and ominous tales of death that left the house uninhabited...or so it seemed. A century later, Dr. David Marrow discovers the house and, intrigued by its history, he invites three of his patients to the house as part of a sleep disorder study. Theo, Luke and Nell come to the sudden realization that sleep will not be on the agenda when ghosts of the past manifest in terrifying visitations and the house seems to take a particularly strong interest in Nell as Dr. Marrow's study evolves into an examination of human fear.
10. The Exorcist
When a 12-year old girl is possessed by demons, a young priest takes it upon himself to selflessly save her at the behest of her famous movie-star mother.

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