Personalized delivery at Maternity & Child Health Care Hospital

Updated: 2011-08-29
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Persisting in people orientation, Xiamen Maternity & Child Health Care Hospital has been providing personalized maternity services in recent years
Persisting in people orientation, Xiamen Maternity & Child Health Care Hospital has been providing personalized maternity services in recent years and exploring ways to satisfy the personalized requirements of expectant mothers of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.
Mapping out delivery plans with would-be mothers has earned the hospital appreciative comments. Delivery plans, already universal in foreign countries, refer to providing personalized maternity services with the guide of maternity knowledge and operation rules, dominated by medical technology, so as to reach agreements between medical personnel and family members.
The hospital provides would-be mothers with LDR rooms, where multifunctional beds, baby beds, sofa and LCD television are available. Central oxygen providers are hidden in the murals. The yellow decorations offer a feeling of the warmth of home, instead of a hospital. 
Emily, a lady from America, had proposed a delivery plan with her husband. She had a happy delivery in Maternity & Child Health Care Hospital and was satisfied with having her demands met. Here are her personalized requests as many other mothers do:
“Since this is a very special event in our lives, we have some preferences, which may be different than your standard routine. We respectfully request that you consider our wishes and consult with us on how we can make this birth a very special and meaning event in our lives. Here are our wishes:
We request that the Mother is not offered medication during labor. She naturally delivered her first child without medication and plans to do the same with her second.
We also feel strongly that we (father and mother) remain together throughout labor and delivery.
During the laboring period we request for freedom of motion and the use of intermittent fetal monitoring.
During the laboring period I request to have fluids by mouth and do not want an I.V. unless I become dangerously dehydrated.
During delivery, we would like to avoid an episiotomy. Coaching by midwife and medical staff to assist in not tearing will be greatly appreciated.
We request that the baby will be delivered onto Mother’s belly and chest immediately after birth so that a special prayer can be whispered into the baby’s ear by the father and the baby can begin breast feeding and bonding. After which the baby can be washed.
We request that the umbilical cord not be clamped until the baby has begun breastfeeding and that the father be allowed to cut the umbilical cord.
We wish for the placenta to come out naturally with the natural contraction that follows birth.
Our entire family is vegetarian. Please ensure that all food given to the mother is vegetarian (no animal products of any kind including milk products and eggs).
We feel strongly that the baby should receive only mother’s milk and therefore ask that the baby not fed any other liquids or food of any kind including water. We request that our baby not be given a pacifier.
We will, of course, be flexible on all these points if a complication does arise. Although we feel confident that everything will go normally, we trust that you will inform us if any problems come up so that we can discuss the choices to be made and come up with a new plan of action. We take our responsibility of being good parents very seriously and want to do what is best for our baby.
Thank you for you kind attention. We look forward to sharing this, one of life’s most miraculous events, with the very special people of your staff.”
Xiamen Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital: “We are professional and well prepared to work with you on your delivery plans. We do our best to meet your personal requests while keeping the mother and baby healthy and at low risk during delivery. We provide careful and encouraging care to assist you for a beautiful, natural birth.”

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