Alleged erotic video of Cammi Xie leaked online

Updated: 2011-11-07
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Cammi strongly denies the girl in the erotic video is her.
Photos of Hong Kong singer Edison Chen and 16-year-old model Cammi Xie were recently leaked, thus bringing the pair's previous relationship with each other to light.
Lately, it was rumoured that Edison had a two-minute erotic video of the pair.
A few days ago, Cammi cried and said that she had "given [Edison] her virginity" and admitted the existence of a erotic film, although the couple was fully clothed in the video.
However, the model later retracted her statements and insisted that she was still a virgin.
Yesterday, an erotic video of a girl surfaced online. The girl in the video was suspected to be Cammi, based on her hairstyle, makeup and earrings, causing many to believe that it was the video Cammi had talked about previously.
Her conflicting statements regarding her virginity also let many to question if Edison had sex with an underage girl.
According to the Hong Kong law, the age of consent is 16. Cammi turned 16 in March, before she began a relationship with Edison. Therefore, even if Edison did sleep with the model, he would not be facing any legal charges.
However, that did not mean the singer was free from heavy criticisms from the public.
Edison flew to Vancouver, Canada yesterday to attend the Asian Film Festival, so as to avoid media scrutiny. His action prompted an outcry from netizens, who left comments like, "Scum, couldn't even leave a 16-year-old alone" and "he's well-suited for a life in the US, don't come back!"
When Edison's father, Chen Chak Man, was asked about the matter, he merely said, "There's nothing to talk about."
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