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Updated: 2011-12-16
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 Xiamen H100 Fiteness Centre
Xiamen H100 Fitness Centre
To attain perfect fitness your fitness membership needs to fit you perfectly. H100 Fitness Centre offers a large variety of equipment and facilities, convenient downtown locations as well as a variety of fitness memberships (individual and corporate) to suit different lifestyles and every need.
There are dedicated studios for free weights, cycling, and aerobics. There is also a diverse schedule of Group-X Classes from Sexy Dance classes (Belly Dance, Chair Dance, Jam, Jazz Dance, Cane Dance) to Adrenaline Pumping classes (Body Combat, Zumba, Hi & Lo-Impact Aerobics), from De-Stressing, Relaxing classes (Yoga, Balance) to Body-Sculpting Classes (Body Pump, Ball Exercise, Yoga & Ball).
Their professional team is always helpful, to assist you achieve your goal from slimming down to bulking up, from de-stressing to improving fitness levels.
Should you have any queries, their friendly English-speaking staff will always be around to assist to you.
They are conveniently located at:
- Jinbang Branch: 82-88 Jinbang Road, 3rd Level of Feng Dan Ya Yuan (just behind Robinson)
- Powerlong Branch: 301 Jiahe Road, Level 2 Powerlong Centre Phase 2 (just above Bellagio Café)
For enquiries, you can call Ming at 13806032939 or email him at H100fitness@hotmail.com
Words from our foreign members:
Jeffrey (USA): "I just arrived 2 weeks ago and am glad that I found H100 Fitness. This is really a nice gym, just like the one at home"
David (The Philippines): "People are friendly here and also lots of foreigners in H100 Fitness. I used to find it a chore to go to the gym but not anymore as now I look forward to go to the gym to workout with my friends.”
Emily (England): “I love attending the classes here, especially Chair-Dance, it is fun and sexy. Probably the only gym in the whole of Xiamen that has Chair-Dance"
Nick (New Zealand): "Cleanliness is what I look for in the gym. They provide disinfectant at every corner."
Sylvia (Spain): "I love the music H100 Fitness play – all the latest top 40s. And time passes so fast on the treadmill as I do my cardio to the concert of Madonna or Lady Gaga's MTVs. They also play all the latest movies.
Bernadette (France):
"The first solarium in Xiamen. For the last 9 months, I have been coming to H100 Fitness to do my weekly 15-minutes indoor tanning. I purchase my indoor tanning lotion at the gym, really convenient.
Marco (Italy):
I come to H100 Fitness for my weekly kick-boxing personal training. I lost a good 8 kg after 4 months of training.
Geoff (Australia): I find it safe to workout in H100 Fitness as there is always a floor trainer around to assist me. I also get my protein powder at the health-supplement mini-mart in the gym, very convenient.
Kaamil (India): I am a student at Xiamen University with not much money, I find the membership at H100 Fitness very affordable. Also the staffs are really nice, they will always encourage me to train hard whenever they see me. I have recommended at least 8 of my class mates to join me at the gym. 
H100 Fitness Centre Jinbang Branch (健康100健身中心金榜店)
Address: 3F Fengdan Yayuan, No.82-88 Jinbang Road, Xiamen
Chinese Address: 厦门金榜路82-88号枫丹雅苑3楼
Tel: 0592-5887775Print Add to cart
H100 Fitness Centre Powerlong Branch (健康100健身中心宝龙店)
Address: 305 Jiahe Road Level 2 Powerlong Centre Phase 2
Chinese Address: 厦门嘉禾路305号宝龙中心二期二楼
Tel: 0592-5117928Print Add to cart

SOURCE: H100 Fitness Centre
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HKJohn commented on 16 Dec 2011
I train at H100 Fitness ... really nice environment. I have tried other gyms in
Xiamen, but still prefer H100 Fitness. 1) Very friendly staff 2) Even people who
train there are nice 3) Clean 4) Affordable