Musicians Ahn Hee-chan, Kim Young-Bae to perform in XMU

Updated: 2012-09-25
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On the evening of 28th September, two musicians from Republic of Korea will perform a concert named "Call for Arirang” with conductor Professor Zheng Xiaoying and Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra in Xiamen University.
Ahn Hee-chan
Ahn Hee-chan, a trumpet professor of Chugye University for the Arts, is the principal trumpeter of KBS symphony orchestra, as well as the spokesperson and soloist of Stowvi and Yamaha. He used to be the principal trumpeter in Korean Symphony, Eurasian Joint Orchestra and Asia Philharmonic. On the Korean presidential inauguration in 2003, he performed as the trumpet soloist. Ahn Hee-chan is also the founder of Korea Brass Choir. He will perform the Trumpet Concerto which was composed by the most talented former-Soviet Armenia composer Alexander Grigorevich Arutiunian on the concert. This famous piece of music is recognized as one of the three best concertos of tuba and trumpet, together with Franz Joseph Haydn and Johann Nepomnk Hummel’s Trumpet Concertos. The music is full of fascinating elements such as the passion of youth, the bright and emotional melody and the exciting rapid retroflex.
Kim Young-Bae

Korean musician Kim Young-Bae, a piano professor of Chugye University, used to study in the United States where he won a number of first prizes in piano playing competitions. He won the Highest Artist Award of Korean in 1988. He will perform the only piano concerto composed by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg with Xiamen Philharmonic. Because of its folk-music-styled pure melody, this piece of music is recognized as one of the best piano concertos in the history of music.

Xiamen Philharmonic will also bring the audience the beautiful Korean folk song Arirang, as well as the Sketches of a Borderline Village composed by Chinese composer Xu Zhenmin. The Sketches of a Borderline Village depicts the life of Yi people, describing the joyful dance and charming love stories in the old fascinating eastern nationality.
More information about the concert:
Conductor: Professor Zheng Xiaoying
Trumpeter: Ahn Hee-Chan (Principal Trumpeter, KBS Symphony Orchestra)
Pianist: Kim Young-Bae (Piano Professor, Chugye University)
Music Pieces:
Korean Folk Song: Arirang
Xu Zhenmin’s the Sketches of a Borderline Village
Alexander Arutiunian’s Trumpet Concerto
Edvard Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor
Liu Feng’s the Joyful Celebration
Time: 19:30, Friday, 28th September, 2012
Event venue: Scientific and Artistic Center of Xiamen University
Ticket Offices (in XMU):Luyinhai Supermarket
                                    Student Affairs Center of Xiamen University
                                    Classical Music Association of Xiamen University Zhangzhou Campus
Ticket Price: 90RMB, 150RMB, 200RMB (40RMB each for students of XMU with students’ ID cards, and a 30% discount for teachers of XMU with teachers’ ID cards)
Ticket Hotline: 2072131, 2070648, 2072130
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